Easter Weekend

I hope that all of you had a great Easter!
We made our way to Calgary
to visit Steve's side of the family.

Here is the photo of the 
Turner men.

Eggs were coloured.
The boys wanted nothing to do with it this year.

We had our turkey dinner on Saturday/
It was delicious!

 Sunday Morning the kids found eggs.
That was finished faster than ever,
doesn't take long when 5 of them are 
battling over the eggs!

These kids are growing up far to quickly!
They are all turning into such a wonderful group of
young adults.

 Thank you for the wonderful weekend!

The weather was gorgeous while we were in Calgary.
+12ish, no snow, beautiful!
Here is the photos I took on our ride home. 

A little crazy that these pictures 
were taken on the same day!

It was a great weekend and we will be back,
sooner than later this time!

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