"The Performer" Competition - Saskatoon

And that wraps up the competitions for this year.
Thank goodness!

As much as I love competitions
I am always very happy when they are over.

This competition was a lot more stressful
than the last one.

Pure Energy dancers did very well
and learned that as long as they danced with their hearts,
and felt great about their own performance,
that was all that mattered.
Be proud of yourselves, we are all very proud of you!

This is what it looks like 
in the dressing room at 7:30am! 

Gold for their Lyrical Duet!

These crazy "Pump It" Girls
wanted to have a little photo shoot!

"The Audition"
We were sitting in the balcony and I
quietly took a photo! 
 They got Gold!

These girls are pretty amazing to watch!
It's so great seeing them on Pointe!
 We are very sad that Miss Laeticia is
leaving. She will be missed a lot!
She is an amazing ballet teacher and Ashley 
has learned so much from her.
Thank you Laeticia!

"Man I Feel Like A Woman"
was the last performance for the whole competition!
This was Ashley's first year in Jazz
and it was such a great dance.
That's her front and centre!

And that's the end of competitions!
Congratulations on representing the studio so very well everyone!

Unfortunately after the competition was over
dancers and parents were getting very sick.
A notice went out the next day that
Norovirus was spreading through like wildfire!
The water, 
that was available to all of the dancers,
 was apparently contaminated.
Thank goodness Ashley took her own all weekend!
 We have been fine, 
I think we should be out of the woods by now.

Nice work TCUP!

Thanks for reading!

Until next time.......


  1. Busy season, fabulous photos and lots of scrapbooking material! :) Congrats to Ashley and her team for a great year. So glad she was able to avoid the infection too!

  2. Thank Julie! It was a great competition season for sure! Ashley ended up with some pretty great scholarships and awards to go along with her medals. We are getting excited about her photo shoot with you in a few weeks! She has been planning her outfits!