283 of 365 - Happy Anniversary To You.......

Dad & Mom were
Dance Central on Kinect.
It's so great to see them
sharing a dance
on their
Happy Anniversary,
we love you!

282 of 365 - Meet Divot

Isn't she so cute?
My mom and dad just got her
and she is so sweet!
She is a 5 year old 
King Cavalier.

281 of 365 - Disassembling

After our company left this morning,
we hauled out all of
the boxes and within 2 hours
all of the Christmas
decorations have been 
put away for yet 
another year.

280 of 365 - Turner Plumbing

Glen decided that our
leaky tap needed to be fixed
Him and Steve went and
got the parts and now
the tap isn't
leaking anymore.
Are you sure you can't 
stay longer,
I'm sure we could
find more things to fix?!
Thanks Glen!

279 of 365 - Teaching Grandma

Grandma asked Ashley
to help her out with
a few things on the
They are both working 
very patiently
with each other!
Thanks for helping

278 of 365 - Boxing Day Surprise

Today Steve's Mom & Dad
came to visit and they
brought our nephew
with them!
We had no idea he
was coming
and it was a very nice 
It's great to have you all here!

276 of 365 - 'Twas The Night Before Christmas...

Every year,
 since the kids were small,
Steve has read 
"Twas The Night Before Christmas".
I had a moment this evening
when Zachary asked
if Dad was still reading it before
they went to bed.
It's wonderful to see
that the small things really 
do matter.

275 of 365 - Happy Holidays To Me

Once today was finally over,
I made myself a 
Bailey's Martini and had
a drink to celebrate
the fact that I am officially
on Christmas Holidays!
Let the relaxing begin!

274 of 365 - So Thankful For The Help

If you've ever made thumbprint cookies
you will know that they
are an awful lot of work!
I was so very thankful that Ashley
was so willing to help me
this afternoon.
While she was 
rolling and thumbprinting,
I got the date squares made.
Thanks Ashley!
I think that's it for
Christmas baking!

273 of 365 - They Look So Tasty!?!

Since my photo yesterday was
naked gingerbread men,
I figured today I should post
a photo of them all
dressed for the holidays!
The kids had so much fun and 
they worked very hard
making them look beautiful!

272 of 365 - Gingerbread Men

I had to get my 
gingerbread men 
made today so they are
ready for my kids to
decorate tomorrow.
I quadrupled my recipe so that
each child can decorate
at least 3 cookies.
They love to take some home!

271 of 365 - Shovel, Shovel, Shovel

Ashley took over Zach's
shovelling job
at the neighbours house
since he has gone
to visit his Uncle's
and grandparents for the week.
She did a great job!

270 of 365 - Popcorn And A Movie (Or Two)!

We actually had a chance
to sit down tonight and watch
not 1 but 2 movies!
We plan on doing this 
a few more times
before the end of the
Christmas break.

269 of 365 - Dance Party!!

Ashley, Jenna and Cynthia were
 having a dance party
this evening!
"Just Dance" 
is an awesome game!
So much fun
for a Friday night!

268 of 365 - Ornaments

This year, 
as part of my daycare children's gifts,
I put their names on glass ornaments.
I still have to put ribbon on them but I
think that they turned out so good!
I will be hanging them on my tree
along with their other gift
and they will be able to take them
home on the last day before break.

267 of 365 - Oh Christmas Tree.........

The sun was shining on the tree
this afternoon and I
was inspired.
It looked so beautiful!
I was loving the shadow on the wall
behind the tree too.

266 of 365 - December Showers Bring........

An unbelievable amount of
It has been raining,
I said raining,
for a few hours and it's
supposed to turn into snow
later tonight.
I'm not too sure how anyone
is expected to actually
leave their houses

265 of 365 - Only 100 Left!!!

Ashley got to go to the
kid's Christmas party for
Steve's work today.
Steve took her to that while
I went to Zach's last high school
curling game.
We all had fun even though
we went in separate directions!
As an aside -
I only have 100 photos left!
I'm so proud of myself so far!

264 of 365 - Perfect Winter Dinner

After a day of -28
temperature, coming home from
curling to a pot of 
homemade stew was

263 of 365 - Driving?!?!

After Zach and Steve were finished
round 2 of shovelling
for the day, 
Steve let Zach pull the truck back
into the driveway!
He did AWESOME!!
I was hiding in the house,
behind the Christmas tree taking

262 of 365 - Baking, Baking, Baking

I started my Christmas baking
today. I started with butter tarts and
over the next few days I plan on
making shortbread, date squares,
ginger snaps and gingerbread men for
the kids to decorate.
There may be a few more added but this is
my plan for now!

261 of 365 - Candles

Nothing exciting today -
just a shot to post!
It was one of those very
kinds of day today.

260 of 365 - Knights Of Columbus Carol Festival

We went to see the school choir 
perform this evening
at the choir festival.
It was 2 hours filled with beautiful
Christmas music sang by the choirs
from the catholic schools.
The choir from Ashley's school
was the smallest group and yet they
produced just as much sound 
as the larger choirs!
Thanks for a great evening Ashley!

259 of 365 - Text Me!

This boy wouldn't know what to
do without his phone!
I do believe it may
be attached to his hands.
He is texting from the
time he gets up in the morning
to the time he goes to bed.
Seemed like a good photo for today!

258 of 365 - Christmas Crafts

Since the kids didn't have school
today, we made some of our
crafts. Santas and gingerbread men!
The kids will all get to take them home on their 
last day before Christmas.
There are still a few more to be made
so I will have many santa's hanging in my landing.
Aren't they the cutest
Santa's ever?

257 of 365 - Super Cheesy Meatball Pizza

The kids have a new
favorite pizza -
Super Cheesy Meatball!
After a little hesitation
Steve and I realized that it is
actually quite good.
Super easy dinner tonight!

256 of 365 - Christmas Candy

We always had these candies
in the house, 
at Christmas time,
when I was growing up.
When I saw them in the store
I really needed to have them.
They look pretty and 
they taste pretty good too!

255 of 365 - Job Hazard

I suppose it was bound to
happen. With all of the children
having really bad colds for the past few weeks,
I knew that I should have it soon.
On the bright side,
this means I won't be sick
over Christmas!

254 of 365 - Cookie Dough

Our cookie dough order arrived
Good thing I had the stroller
or there would have been a problem
getting it all home!!!

253 of 365 - You Better Watch Out, You Better Not Cry........

The kids are starting to get
very excited and there are still
24 days until Christmas!
It's time to break out the old
Christmas shows
and crafts
to keep them all occupied.