191 of 365 - Fall Colors

Oh my goodness!
The colors are
right now!
These trees are in the front yard
and I get to look at them
all day!

190 of 365 - Flames Game

Steve and Zach are off to
watch the Flames game this
They've got their fingers crossed that
they will get to see
some of the superstars
play this time.

188 of 365 - Game Jersey

Zach had his football jersey
at home today. 
They have a game tomorrow
and he will be wearing it,
 complete with shirt and tie,
to school tomorrow.

187 of 365 - Jack & Walleye

Steve, Jay and Zach returned
from their fishing trip
and brought a couple of fish
with them.
They each caught many but
only brought home 
1 Jack & 1 Walleye.
Zach was very proud of his Jack
as it was a whole 4 pounds!
Can't wait to have these for supper soon!

186 of 365 - Wok Box

After a great day with 
my daughter,
we headed to
Wok Box 
for dinner. It was
awesome and as you can see
Ashley brought some of hers home.

185 of 365 - Candy, Candy, Candy

So this is what happens when
you let two young girls
go free in the Bulk Barn!
Just a few treats
for their
sleepover tonight!
(I don't think there will be much sleeping!)

184 of 365 - A Fishing They Will Go.........

Steve and Zach are going
fishing for the weekend
with my brother.
They have their fishing
gear all ready to go!

182 of 365 - Shadows

I couldn't resist!
This was the shadow that the candle
was leaving on the ceiling

180 of 365 - It's What???

My sister has a couple of these,
the other one is red.
They are bottles of vodka!
She works at the liquor board store 
and has quite the 
collection of 
different and unique 

179 of 365 - Helping Papa

It was my dad's 55th birthday
Cierra was helping blow out
the candles!
Hope you had a great day 

178 of 365 - Dalia

We were in Regina for the
weekend and my mom 
had the most beautiful flower
arrangement. It was from
her own flower bed!
The flowers were huge and this
one was no exception!

177 of 365 - Fall Colors

I love fall! 
These leaves all fell today!
The colors are so beautiful,
the air is cool and
the sun is still warm!
(when it shines!)
How could anyone not
love fall?

176 of 365 - Warm & Fuzzy

Since the weather is changing
quickly these days,
Ashley got out her super fuzzy
slippers to keep her warm!
Not a bad idea,
if I do say so myself!

175 of 365 - Angel Bookmark

I've had this bookmark for a 
long time! 
I got it from my SIL 
as a gift.
It makes me happy that this
little angel 
keeps my place for me!

173 of 365 - Fall Ladybug

While Steve was mowing the lawn today
I spotted this little ladybug
on the lilac tree.
I'm sure they won't be around
for much longer!

172 of 365 - Bethlehem Stars

We went out this morning to
watch Zach play football.

They had 2 scrimmages against
 two other highschools.

We had a blast and can't wait
to watch more football!
Great job Zach!

171 of 365 - Rain, Rain Go Away............

Smallish rubber boots
in my landing.
I'm really hoping the rain stops soon,
the kids may turn into

169 of 365 - And So It Begins....

Ashley had her first two
dance classes, 
for the season, tonight.
She was so excited to get back 
to the studio.
Here's to another great
year of dance!

168 of 365 - Birthday Week

September is busy around here!
3 of my daycare kids have birthdays
in the first two weeks.
Everyone loves this since each of them gets 
cake or cupcakes for their
special day!

167 of 365 - Yellow Leaves?

I guess that means that
summer could possibly
be over.
Fall is my personal
favorite anyways.
The colors are always

166 of 365 - A Door for Zach

Zachary has a door on his room!
I do believe that
Zachary will appreciate
his new found

165 of 365 - Hay!

While we were out and about today
we found a field with hay
bales in it. 
I've been trying to do
this all summer!
Hay Bale Picture - Check!

164 of 365 - Football

After a couple of days of tryouts,
for the highschool football team,
Zachary is very excited that
he made the team!
Way to go Zach,
we can't wait to see your first

163 of 365 - Can You Ever Have Too Many?

With school back in I was
noticing just how many children's books
I've accumulated over the years.
This is just a very small portion of the
books in the toy room!

162 of 365 - Fuzzy, Wuzzy

Fuzzy, wuzzy, creepy crawly
Caterpillar funny
You will be a butterfly
When the days are sunny.