301 of 365 - Food, Football and Friends

What a busy day today!

The kids all enjoyed their snack today -
Worms & Dirtcakes and Moldy Fingers!

Next was followed up by the semi-final
football game.
It was a little bit cold!

Bethlehem vs. Holy Cross.
Unfortunately the Stars lost but they should be 
proud of a very amazing season.
This was the best that the senior football team has done
since the school opened.
Congratulations on a great season boys!

And finally we got home,
Ashley got ready and,
as if planned,
her friends showed up!
She went out trick or treating for about an hour.

That, in a nutshell,
was our Halloween.
I hope you all had as much fun as we did!

300 of 365 - Carving....

It's getting hard to get Zach and Ashley 
home at the same time
and long enough to accomplish anything,
let alone carving pumpkins!
They got them done
so now we are ready for tomorrow.

Do you love the very detailed
pumpkin Zach carved?
You should have heard him laughing
when he made the decision!
Great work,
once again kids!

299 of 365 - Pumpkins - Check!

Our pumpkins are ready 
to be carved.
Zach and Ashley will get that done
 tomorrow night
because we ran out of time tonight!

298 of 365 - Button Shot

Team Turner played very well today.
The game ended in a tie
and this end in particular had us all
on the edge of our seats!

That yellow stone stayed right there
on the button for quite awhile.
It did eventually get taken out and the other team
did end up scoring 3 to tie it up.

The boys are playing in a qualifying spiel
next weekend.
They have a good shot at getting a great spot
at Northern's this year.

Good Luck boys!

297 of 365 - Thankful for.......

It's a little late but it was still very good.
We finally had a chance to have our 
Thanksgiving dinner tonight.
We had turkey, stuffing, potatoes,
fresh cranberries, gravy 
and of course....

Pumpkin Pie!!!

Before we ate we each had a chance to say
what we were most thankful for.
The one thing that came up most was
"our family".
Without family we don't have much.
(Unless you ask Zach, we have pumpkin pie
so we have it all!)
Happy belated Thanksgiving!

296 of 365 - 1/4 Finals and a Halloween Dance

Both kids were busy this evening.

Zachary had a football game,
1/4 finals.
The Stars won 35-25!
It was snowing quite a bit and
 it was a very good football game.
Semi Finals are on

Ashley had her Halloween dance
tonight as well.
She dressed up as 
"Boo" from Monsters Inc.

She was "Boo" when she was 2
since Monsters Inc was her
favorite movie.
She decided that she needed to revisit that
costume again this year.

Another great Friday night,
thanks kids!

294 of 365 - Scraping Windows

Welcome to owning a car Zach!

He's thinking about a 
remote car starter.
Might not be a bad idea for Christmas.

293 of 365 - SNOW!!!!

Heavy snowfall warnings all day today.

Zach wanted to play football in the snow,
there you go son!

292 of 365 - Coordination.....

a little one that I babysit,
is starting to eat finger foods.
Mostly he grabs a whole hand full
but every few bites he tries to
pick up his food with his
thumb and forefinger.

291 of 365 - Game On

Today was Zach's first curling game of the season.
They won 6-2.

Great start Team Turner!

290 of 365 - Construction Site

They started demolition on the Victoria Bridge
One section of the bridge is gone
and I don't suspect that
it will take too long before the rest
is gone.

289 of 365 - Let The Sun Shine In

And face it with a grin,
open up your heart and
let the sun shine in!

The sun was poking through the trees
this afternoon,

287 of 365 - Editing, Editing and More Editing

I realize that these photos are not
from today but, to tell you the truth,
 I really didn't have time to think 
about a photo for today.

I have been editing the photos from my brother's
wedding and would really like to get them done so they
can stop waiting.

Here are some that I have done today...

I would also like to thank Julie Cortens
for trying to help me figure out 
some impossible corrections.
For the most part,
I am 99.5% happy with the photos I
Now I just have to wait and see what David & Lindsay think!

286 of 365 - My Crew

Here they are,
my kids.

They are so sweet
and make me laugh regularly.

I am so happy that I decided to open my daycare again.
It's who I am and
what I do best.

285 of 365 - Apples, Apples, Apples

We bought a 20lb box of
apples from the market on Saturday.
They were a really good price.

Today I made apple butter.
I make it in my slow cooker and it takes about 14 hours
but it is so worth the wait!

I think I will go and get more apples 
next Saturday so I can get some pies in the
freezer too.

284 of 365 - Taken Over

Look very, very close.

There are 11 ladybugs on my rake!

I set it down to go and put some
leaves in the bag
and when I got back
the rake was covered in ladybugs!

283 of 365 - Fall Bounty

Steve and I actually had a few hours
by ourselves today!
We took advantage of the situation
and went to the Farmer's Market for breakfast.
It was a beautiful day
and we ended up coming home with some
pretty awesome stuff.

One of the vendor's had a 
"Gameday Special".
Beets, Carrots, Onions & Potatoes.
we got it and made stew!
20lbs of apples for apple butter and pie,
honey, fresh salsa
and a bag of
Seabuckthorn Tea Leaves
made it home with us as well.
It was a great date!

282 of 365 - Game Day

Only 3 or 4 games left
this year.

I cannot go to today's game
since it begins at 3:00.

Good luck today Zach!

281 of 365 - Little Miss Sassy

This is Londyn.
She is a very sweet little girl
with what can sometimes be a
rather large attitude.

She was wearing her pearls today.
Such a sweet girl!

280 of 365 - Hearts In The Snow

Today is 
mine and Steve's 
14th wedding anniversary.

Thank goodness it wasn't this cold 
on our wedding day.

279 of 365 - Classroom In A Book!

Thank Goodness!

There are a few photos that need a bit of editing
and I am very happy that I have this
handy, dandy book to
help me through!

277 of 365 - Goodnight!

I know it is still from the same function
it is a new day!

1:30am -
David & Lindsay are heading up to their room.

Congratulations and Goodnight
Mr. and Mrs. Maynes!

276 of 365 - Mr. & Mrs. D. Maynes

What an 

My baby brother married a wonderful lady
and our family couldn't be
more happy for them both!

I had a great time taking their photos all day
and I am 100% exhausted!

I couldn't choose just 1 photo today
because I wanted to share a few
of my favourites with you.

275 of 365 - Wedding Rehearsal

I have been asked to be 
THE Photographer
for my brother's wedding.
Rehearsal was this evening and I took
that opportunity to 

274 of 365 - #40 - Our Very Own "Star"

Zach got to play tonight.
We really enjoyed watching him.
The Stars won
34 -14
against P.A.

Thanks for a great night of
football Zach!

273 of 365 - Good Sports

These boys are so awesome!
I have had them in my daycare for the past 9 years,
they are part of my family.
Today Adrianna was playing with the
vanity and she wanted to put
lipstick on the boys.
They both let her climb all over them
and apply the lipstick!

Thank goodness it's just pretend!

272 of 365 - Honour Roll

on another year well done

School Year
Grade 10 Honour Roll

271 of 365 - 100th Grey Cup Train

I caught a quick picture through
the trees as the train
went zipping past our house this afternoon.