209 of 365 - Painting Day

Some of the buildings really needed a fresh
coat of paint.
We accomplished that today!

207 of 365 - My Apologies.....

We are on holidays and I haven't had the 
opportunity to post!
I have taken photos every day and 
will post them all in proper order starting now.

We were busy packing all day today so
you get a photo of my Hosta
that is finally blooming!

206 of 365 - FUNdraiser

It was a great afternoon!
Thanks for asking us to join
you for this fundraiser Karrie-Ann!

205 of 365 - Making Signs

Steve, Zach, Ashley and I are doing a
fundraiser, for dance, tomorrow
at Redline Harley.
Ashley and I were in charge
of making the sign.

204 of 365 - Last Day Of Dance Camp

We went to watch the few short dances
that she learned at
dance camp this week.

The girls all did great!
Thank you again
to all of the teachers for
keeping these kids 

203 of 365 - Summer Dance

Ashley was so very excited that
we were not on holidays
so that she could participate in
the Summer Intensive Camp
at the studio.

I'm happy that you are enjoying it, Ashley!

202 of 365 - Bottle Drive

And the fundraising has 
officially begun!

I apologize for the poor quality,
I used my phone.

200 of 365 - Great Weekend

Thank you, Dorie & Glen, 
for coming to visit this weekend!
We had a lot of fun
and enjoyed having you here.

The kids enjoyed spending time 
with Grandma & Papa too.
Come again, anytime!

199 of 365 - Lucky Kids

Steve's parents came for a 
visit this weekend and 
Grandpa was kind enough to allow
Zach to take his sister for a ride
in his car.

And then Zach took a couple of
friends for a ride as well!
Thank you, Papa,
for trusting Zach with your
prized possession.
He was very happy!

197 of 365 - Summer Fun

Watching the kids playing in the
sprinkler reminds me of the
fun I used to have, with my friends,
doing exactly the same thing
when I was much younger.

It's rare to be able to say that
these days!

195 of 365 - Cookies From "Zoe"

Ashley was mildly disturbed today
when she realized that I used
"Zoe", her sugar baby,
to make cookies today!

Sorry Ashley!
The cookies are pretty good!

194 of 365 - Crafting

I am enjoying having some time to
get some crafting done.

 I have a few more things I'd like to
get done and sell at our
upcoming garage sale.
I love quiet time!

193 of 365 - Homemade Big Mac

Steve found THE recipe for 
Big Mac Sauce
so we decided to give it a try.
We even made the patties!

They were delicious and
a lot more filling than the ones from
Next time it'll be a single for me!

192 of 365 - Ashley's New Space

Steve was working on something in the garage
this morning and this is what
I found when I went outside.....

I'm happy that she had fun with the
barbecue box!

191 of 365 - River Landing

We went on another adventure today.
With it being so hot again,
we decided to go to the spray park at 
River Landing.

We had a picnic and then got some
ice cream before we went home.
Thanks for the great day today kids!

190 of 365 - Grilling

We finally finished putting together
our new bbq and so of
course we HAD to try it out.

I do believe that Steve is very
happy with his birthday gift!

189 of 365 - Fun At The Farmer's Market

We spent a couple of hours at the
Farmer's Market today.
They had crafts and storytime
for the kids.

After they were done,
we stayed for lunch too.
Such a fun day!

188 of 365 - Cooling Off

With the temperature sitting at
 with the humidity,
it was a great day for the

Fantastic way to 
cool off!

187 of 365 - Bronze Medal

After a long, and gruelling,
the Saskatoon Stealth
brought home a bronze medal
from the 
Provincial Playoffs!

Congratulations on finishing
3rd in the province boys!

186 of 365 - Dancing & Snow Cones

One more afternoon at Wake Ride!
It was awesome!
All of the dancers were
outstanding once again.

Nothing like a snow cone to 
beat the heat!

Great job this weekend girls!!

185 of 365 - Dancing at WakeRide

What an amazing afternoon!
Some of the dancers got to dance
at Wake Ride!
It was super hot but so worth every minute!

Tribal Dance


The Pure Energy dancers and teachers that
were there today

It was so much fun and
they get to go back to dance some more

184 of 365 - Leftovers???

I'm not entirely sure how
Jamie and I ended up leaving a
perfectly good Frozen Mojito
in the blender.

Don't worry,
it won't go to waste!

183 of 365 - Birthday Blessings

It was a great day!
I am truly blessed with an
amazing family.
My birthday couldn't have been better.

Thank you all for making my day
so wonderful!

182 of 365 - Little Village?

Maybe we have a small
little Smurf village
around the tree!

With all of the rain that we've had,
it's not surprising!

180 of 365 - Mom's Flowers

We drove mom back to Regina,
this afternoon before heading home,
and stopped in to check out her flower beds.
WOW, look at these lilies!!

What a great weekend we had!
Now onto another full week of birthdays, 
dance and lacrosse.