314 of 365 - Tempted!!!

Why is it that when you're
really trying hard to make
healthy choices,
there are foods like this in the 
It was bought for the kids!
I will not be having any of this
however it smelled
amazing when I was taking
the picture!

313 of 365 - Sign Here Please.......

We had such an exciting day today!
My sister signed all of her papers
and got to pick out her 
very own condo!
Congratulations Cynthia!

312 of 365 - Celebrate!

My sister and I had 
blueberry tea this evening.
She is almost through the process of
buying her first home!
We are so excited for her!
Congratulations Cynthia!

311 of 365 - No School = Tunnels & Forts In The Snow

Did we ever have fun outside today!
Our snowbanks in the front
yard are huge and we
dug out an igloo in the front
If you click on the photo
you will notice that you can't actually
tell that there is a fort in there
but in fact all of the
kids were sitting inside!

310 of 365 - He Just Couldn't Wait

Zach decided that this was a 
good week to take his bike out for
a ride!
He rode it to the swimming pool,
the curling club, 
and out with his buddies.
Crazy Kid!!

309 of 365 - Just To Make Sure......

Ashley has been so sick this week
complete with a trip to the
doctor and some antibiotics!
My poor girl!
We had gotten some donuts
for dessert earlier in the week and,
of course,
she didn't feel like eating any.
When I opened the box today,
to check before I threw it out,
this is what I found!
Good for her!
Zach laughed too because he said
he was going to eat it !
Hopefully she is better soon
and we'll go and buy her a fresh one!

308 of 365 - It's Time.........

I can't wait for it to get a   
little warmer because today
when the sun was shining through
my windows,
I noticed how dirty they were!

307 of 365 - Zach's Adirondack Chair

Zach brought home his final
IA project today!
Built from scratch and all on his own!
It's awesome!!
He got 90% on it.
I can't wait for the snow to melt
so he can get it stained
and out on the deck.
Great work Zach!

306 of 365 - 12 Hours of Dancing - Priceless

The dance studio put on a
12 hour dance-a-thon
last night.
It started at 9:00pm 
(last night)
and went until 9:00am 
(this morning).
She did it!
Ashley was never so happy to
see her bed!
Awesome work Ashley!

304 of 365 - I {heart} Vinyl!!

I LOVE doing projects
with vinyl!
I am slowly running out of
things to vinyl and thanks to my SIL
I put this vinyl on my mixer this afternoon!
I love it!
Nothing like personalizing kitchen appliances!
Thanks for the idea Tina!
(If you want to see more of my vinyl projects,
click on the link at the top of my blog labelled 

303 of 365 - You Know It's Too Cold When........

There is no one at 
the playground!
When I took this photo
the temperature was
with the wind.
What do we expect?
We do live in 
it is 

302 of 365 - Snow Filled Bark

Everything is so beautiful
after the snow fell again today!
If you click on this photo
to make it bigger, 
you will see that the snow
is actually stuck
in the bark.
I think I may stick with the
snow theme for the
rest of this week!

301 of 365 - Lighted Snow

If you look close enough
you can see the layers
of snow on the roof.
I'm tempted to say 
"enough already"
but the little kid in me
loves the snow!
Oh come on,
in a few months we know 
that we will all be wishing it
was cooler.
Enjoy it now,
while it's here!

300 of 365 - The Great Boot Debate

Zach really needed new boots
this winter so we bought them.
It's -35 and has snowed 
over the past few weeks
but do you think he will wear
his boots?
What's a mom to do?

299 of 365 - A Little Change

I'm loving my new
candle holders.
It's fun to change things up
a little bit
every once in a while.

298 of 365 - Ballerina Feet

Ashley is constantly practicing
her ballet.
We love watching her
and so today
I had to post a photo of
those fancy feet!

297 of 365 - Candles, Candles & More Candles

I received my order today
and it took up my whole living room!
An hour later all orders
were separated
and ready to go.

296 of 365 - Snow Angel

Ashley found a perfect spot
on our front lawn
for a snow angel today.
I love snow angels!
Thanks Ashley!

295 of 365 - Hot Cuppa Tea

I decided that since it
was -30 this afternoon,
I would make myself a nice
hot cup of
Chai tea.
Yep, it worked!
I'm all warmed up and ready to
head out to 
the kids activities.

293 of 365 - Fresh Snowfall

Doesn't the backyard look 
so very peaceful?
The snow just sat on top
of everything
and it made it look
so deserted.
I love mornings like these!

292 of 365 -These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things......

I'm going to try really hard
to make healthy food choices
this year and it's going to be really hard!
I love all things sweet!
Mind over matter -
I can do it!

291 of 365 - Bath Goddess Divas

What a great place for a
birthday party!!!
Bath Goddess is an
amazing store
where you add your own scent
to your own choice of
bath product!
The girls had an absolute blast
with the 236 scents
Would you believe they all
came up with a different scent
and they all smelled 
really good?

290 of 365 - Lasting Rose

Steve bought me 6 roses the 
Tuesday before Christmas
and this one rose
is the only one left.
I'd say the roses were
definitely fresh
when they were purchased!

289 of 365 - Happy Birthday Ashley!

I can't believe that she's 
11 today!
It seems like only a couple of
years ago we brought her home.
She has grown into such a 
wonderful young lady
and continues to amaze us
every day!
We love you so much Ashley,
enjoy your birthday!

288 of 365 - Perfect Snowflakes

If anyone drove by while I was trying
to catch a picture of a snowflake,
they were probably wondering what the heck
I was up to!
I had the boys stand still and I
was just taking close pictures of their
hoods and arms!
I got a good one though
so it was worth it!

287 of 365 - The Aftermath

After all of the orders were
placed and the ladies had their fill,
this is what remains!
Anyone want to book a
Partylite show
with me?
The new book is 

286 of 365 - Winter Science Project

Over the Christmas break,
Ashley had to complete
2 projects.
A garden in a jar
The Right Root Route.
The garden in a jar was to build a
terrarium and the root one
was to find out if it mattered
which way you planted a bean
to have the roots grow down.
She had a blast watching
them grow each day!

285 of 365 - Spinning............

All 4 of us ended up
with the flu.
Up all night,
driving home from Regina,
it was a very long day!

284 of 365 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!

Everyone was taking it easy
on New Years Day.
They watched the
outdoor classic
hockey game in 3D
and then a movie after that!
What a great way to
start the new year!