69 of 365 - Baby Bird

This cute, fluffy little bird
must have failed a flying lesson today.
Zach found it in his window well this morning.
After school he was still there and Zach's friend
rescued him!
He hopped over and sat on the bottom of the fence.
Hopefully his momma found him!

68 of 365 - Silver (Again!)

After another really close game,
in the gold medal game,
Zach's team lost in a shootout.
All in all it was a great weekend.

67 of 365 - P.A. Tournament

This was our giant king size bed!!
No, we didn't all sleep there!

So far, after two games, Zach's team is
undefeated. Last night's game was
against another Saskatoon team
and the score was 2-1.
This morning against P.A.
our boys won 11-2.

65 of 365 - Colors

It was one of those days where
I almost forgot about a photo.
I went and had a look around the 
toy room and this is what I came up with!
A little weak but it looks cool!

64 of 365 - Keelah

Keelah was my subject today.
She was being very difficult!
Thanks to Zach, we got a decent photo.

63 of 365 - Reflections

I was playing with the shutter speed on
my camera tonight.
I had no idea I could take pictures like this!!

62 of 365 - Doing Dishes

I had to catch this rare moment!
My brother, sister and son
were doing the dishes on Monday morning.
It's not so bad when you're 
having fun!

61 of 365 - A Break in the Rain

It had stopped raining on Sunday evening
and we all went out to the patio
to enjoy the brief few minutes
of sunshine!

60 of 365 - Sweetheart

We had typical May long weekend
weather at the lake.
Cierra, my sweet niece, was having a blast with 
the umbrella!

59 of 365 - Long Weekend

We are off for the weekend!
Unfortunately, I can't post my photos
until we come home on Monday
as there is no internet access
at the lake!
Rest assured though,
there will be pictures.
Have a great long weekend!

58 of 365 -Downpour

The sky looked very suspicious this afternoon.
Too bad you can't hear the thunder
that went with the black clouds!

5 minutes later, the sky opened up!!
It only lasted for about 5 minutes
but A LOT of rain fell 
in that short time!!

55 of 365 - Sack Of Flour??

It was picture day at the 
dance studio today.
The ballet students are doing
"The Elves & The Shoemaker"
this year.
Ashley's group are the elves
and they start out the dance wearing 
"flour sacks".

54 of 365 - Silver

Zach receiving his medal from 
Mr. & Mrs. Sproat.

Shaking hands with 
the winning team.

After tight game, ending in a 1 - 1 tie, 
Zachary's team lost
in a shootout.
Both teams played exceptionally
Great job boys!

53 of 365 - Fresh?? Air

Zachary's team is in the Justin Sproat
Lacrosse tournament this weekend.
So far, they won last night and this morning.
He has 2 more games today and
possibly 2 tomorrow.
With only an hour before we have to go to the next game,
Zach has decided to air his equipment
on the deck.
So much for sitting out there!!

52 of 365 - Invitations

I was asked to help make
wedding invitations for Ashley's
dance teacher.
The cutting is just about half way done!
A few more hours and they'll be ready to be 
put together!

51 of 365 - Happy Birthday Zachary!!!

Now that he's 14, 
he can't wait to be 15 so that he can 
learn how to drive!
I think we should just get used
to being 14 for awhile first.
Happy Birthday Zach!
We love you!

50 of 365 - The Road Ahead

Today has been an emotional one for me.
14 years ago I was laying in a hospital
bed waiting for my son to make his 
way into the world.
It is hard for me to believe that he is going to be 
14 tomorrow. 
We are entering into unknown territory
with excitement and anticipation,
much like that same day 14 years ago.
I do know this -
we are very proud of him and
the young man he has become.
Here's to you Zachary
and the road that lies ahead!

49 of 365 - Ice Cream

Ashley was so happy that we bought her
 colored cones. 
This was her after dance/before bed
snack tonight!

48 of 365 - Oh, Deer!!!

Steve called me, on his way home
from taking Zach to lacrosse,
and said "bring your camera"!
He found these Deer on 11th St.
(there were at least 8 of them!)
and thought they would make a great
picture for today.
Thanks Steve, 
they did make great pictures!!

47 of 365 - Happy Mother's Day!!

Because of these 3 people, 
I had a fantastic
Mother's Day!

My Pride and Joy!

My family & I.
Okay so I didn't really take this picture
but I had to post it because these people are my world!!
Thank-you for making my day so 

45 of 365 - Mother's Day Gifts

All of my dayhome children finished
getting their Mother's day gifts
ready today. 
(No worries, I won't spoil it!!)
 I made the cutest
cards with my Cricut and 
stamps from

44 of 365 - Boys Will Be Boys

Zach had all of the boys attention this afternoon.
Apparently it was more fun watching 
Zach play X-Box than playing with
any of the other toys we own!

43 of 365 - Blanket of Snow

The snow was melting off of the slide
this morning and it caught my eye.
It looked like a blanket
as it folded at the bottom of the slide.

42 of 365 - Viva Pinata!!

Steve decided that Zach's x-box needed an upgrade!
It didn't take Zach long before
he realized and, surprisingly,
he didn't find it quite as
funny as we did!

41 of 365 - Guitar Concert

Grayson brought his guitar with him today
as he wanted to show the other kids
what he has learned.
After lunch he put on a fantastic
concert for us!
Thanks Grayson, you're doing great!

40 of 365 - Organization

Steve has been diligently working
to organize the garage.
For those of you who have seen our garage -
you will be pleasantly surprised
next time you see it!!

39 of 365 - Cupcakes a la Ashley & Jenna

Don't those look like the most 
delicious cupcakes you've
ever seen??
Compliments of Ashley & Jenna!!