362 of 365 - New Years Party!

Every year we celebrate 
New Year's with my family.
It has become quite the tradition!

It is also my parents anniversary!
Happy 30th Anniversary Mom & Dad!

We eat too much, 
probably drink too much
and call everyone we know at midnight
to sing "Auld Lang Syne"
in a brutally drunken manner.
Such a fun night!
Happy New Year!

361 of 365 - Merry Christmas (again)!

Today we celebrated Christmas with 
my family.

There are always so many
people and it is always
so much fun!

Merry Christmas from the
Maynes/Turner/Ober family!

360 of 365 - Grama's House

Part 2 of our Christmas holiday.
We got to Regina today,
the boys went ice fishing and then
we enjoyed some family time
aka Jay's New Year Party!
He is working on New Year's Eve
so he had to celebrate tonight.

(Cierra got that adorable hat
from my sister and her bf.
They brought it back form the
Domiican for her.
She had to wear it in the picture!)

359 of 365 - Frozen In Saskatchewan

No wonder everyone else in the
world thinks that we are
here in Canada!

However how can you complain
when it's so beautiful
to look at?

It was a very cold (-31C) but gorgeous day
here in Saskatoon!

358 of 365 - Disassembled

Our company left this morning
and we worked hard to get all of our
decorations cleaned up
and the laundry done as we will be heading out
to celebrate Christmas/New Year's with
my family.

Thanks to the other 3 family members,
 this job only took a couple
of hours!
I had time to sit and put my feet up
after we were done!

357 of 365 - It Lasted Longer Than I Expected!

Zach and Ashley each got 
a ginormous Reese Peanut Butter Cup 
in their stocking.

Ashley's lasted longer than I expected it to!

355 of 365 - And The Stockings Were Hung......

On the couch with care,

In the hopes that
St. Nicholas  soon would be there!

(I do know that it is supposed to be by the chimney
but we don't have a fireplace!)

353 of 365 - Waiting On Grandma & Papa

I had leftover gingerbread dough
so I decided to find a 
template and make each of
my children a 
gingerbread house.
They had a blast!

Ashley's house looked like a
wild party had taken place and
the gummie bears were going to be
Great job on your houses!

352 of 365 - Gingerbread Men!!!

All of the kids were so excited to decorate their 
gingerbread men today!


They had sooo much fun!

351 of 365 - Tradition

Each year the kids look forward to
and then eating,
gingerbread men.
I got them made today,
all ready for tomorrow!

I can't wait to see their

349 of 365 - It's About Time!!!

I couldn't believe it when
I looked outside at lunchtime today!

Now it won't feel like we are
driving over moguls!

Thank you Saskatoon!

348 of 365 - Santa Hands and Mistle-toes!

Have I mentioned how much I
LOVE Pinterest?

I have had the kids making some pretty
awesome crafts for Christmas
this year.

These ones turned out so good!

I have one more special craft, 
that the kids and I have been
working very hard on,
that I can't display until after Christmas.
The children will be taking them home,
all wrapped up,
to put under their trees for their
mommies and daddies.
I am so excited!

If you haven't been on PINTEREST,
you really should give it a try!
Be careful though,
it can use up time very quickly! 

347 of 365 - Snow Art

This is what we found
in the snowbank
when we got home from our
Christmas Party tonight....

Nice work Ashley!

346 of 365 - Look Who We Saw Today!!!

Steve and I had the opportunity
to get our Christmas shopping
finished today.
While we were running around
we had to stop to enjoy this..........

One of Santa's reindeer
was having lunch at the mall!
They really are 
a beautiful animal!

345 of 365 - Ponytail!!!

I put a ponytail in
Adrianna's hair tonight!

She didn't mind it and
even left it alone.

344 of 365 - Finished Ornaments!

Don't they look great? 

They smell even better!

For the recipe,
go here.

I can't believe that I haven't ever 
made these before!

343 of 365 - Deserted

Not much action at
the park these days!

I think it would be fun to put on a pair of
snowpants and go run through
the whole park!

342 of 365 - 2013 SCA Provincial Competitors

I went to the boys practice tonight.
They needed a photo to hang up at the 
CN Curling Club.

They are a very excited bunch of boys!
Provincial playdowns are being held in Weyburn,
Jan 3-7, 2013.

341 of 365 - Cinnamon Ornaments!!

If you haven't ever made these,
you should!
They are super easy and
smell AMAZING!!!

If you store them in an airtight container,
they should keep smelling wonderful for a few years!
After we baked them we painted them with
glitter glue.
The kids are excited to take them home 
to hang on their trees.

Here's the recipe...

1 cup each cinnamon & applesauce
2 Tbsp each cloves, nutmeg & white glue
Mix all ingredients until they form dough. Knead until
you can form a dough ball.
Sprinkle cinnamon onto your surface to roll out the dough.
Use cookie cutters for your shapes. The holes are made with a straw.
Put dough on a cookie sheet and bake at 200 degrees,
flipping over after an hour. These need to bake until they are hard.

Have fun!!!

340 of 365 - Rum & Egg Nog

We finally bought some.
Tonight was a great night for a beverage.

Hopefully the combination of the 
atmosphere and rum & egg nog
will help to get me in the Christmas Spirit!

339 of 365 - Last Kids Christmas Party

It was a sad day today.

Ashley attended her very last
Kids Christmas Party.

We will miss going to them.
It was always a good excuse for us
to do something as a family.
We looked forward to going through the
Western Development Museum each year.
Maybe it will be something that we do
each year as a tradition.
That would be nice.

337 of 365 - Playing With Lights

Julie, an amazing photographer & fellow blogger,
has been taking some pretty awesome
photos with Christmas lights and
 I thought I would
like to give it a try.

Thank you,
once again for the inspiration Julie!

334 of 365 - Snow, Snow and More Snow

We will definitely have a 
white Christmas!
It has been snowing since Saturday
and it is supposed to keep
snowing for the rest of the day today too.

I may have to leave some of the shovelling
for Steve and Zach!
There is A LOT of snow out there!

333 of 365 - Mmmmmaple Syrup!

One of the suppliers,
at Steve's work,
gave him this can of
Maple Syrup.

It was delicious
on our waffles this morning!

332 of 365 - 'Tis The Season

We got all of our decorating done 

Now it's starting to feel a
little more like