Winter Shines Festival

If you haven't had the chance to
head over to the Farmer's Market and
take in the
you should really try to make it there before the 
end of the weekend!

The ice sculptures are awesome!

As always
the market was packed 
and the vendors were hopping.
We may head back on Saturday morning
so I can catch a few more photos!

A Little Home-Rascal Flatts

My new favorite song 
from my favourite band!

When I heard it for the first time
I had to listen to it again
just so I could actually hear the words.

"No matter how grown up you get,
Oh, no matter how far you roam,
Sometimes you just need a little home."

Yep, there were tears and a little bit of
wishing I could just go for coffee
with my mom.

I hope my children will feel the same way
when they head out on their own
someday too.

I hope you enjoy this song as much as I do.

This one's for you mom!

New Table

Zachary finished his coffee table
in welding today.

He did an awesome job
and now I want a matching one for
the other side of the couch!

He got 93%
for his final mark!
Way to go Zach,
you did a great job!

Turner Curling Museum

While we were in Weyburn,
watching Zachary curl,
we had an opportunity to go through the 
Turner Curling Museum!

Steve is trying to find out if the owners
are of any relation.

The couple that the museum belongs to
have collected all of the
curling memorabilia that is inside.

What an amazing collection it is!

If you ever travel through 
Weyburn, Saskatchewan,
you should stop to go through the museum.
It is definitely worth
your time!

Wonderful Weekend

David, Lindsay, Matt & Cierra 
came for a visit this weekend.

they came to have some time together.

They are in transition right now.
David is living in Edmonton
as he started a new job at the beginning of January.

Lindsay and the kids are 
still in Regina,

They met up at our house
since it's in the middle.

We had a lot of fun. 
Ashley even taught the kids 
"The Cup Song".

And on Sunday they had to say goodbye.

soon so they can begin their new
adventures in Edmonton....

Lucky Kids

Apparently Zach and Ashley really enjoyed having
waffles while we were in Weyburn!

Tuesday morning Zach came upstairs and
asked where the waffle maker was.

Wednesday morning I got up early
to get this ready for him when he came upstairs....

New Knives

I was so excited
(and a little bit scared!)
to receive new knives for Christmas.
They are AMAZING!!

Each one has a specific purpose and
I love them!
Thanks mom!

Happy 13th Birthday Ashley!

Holy Moly!
I can't believe that she's 13 already!
She has grown into a beautiful young lady
and we are so proud of her.

She was so excited that we got to go back to
Regina today.
Grama made her a cake,
invited everyone over and
she got to open her presents at Grama's house!

Grama made her awesome 
angelfood cake with boiled icing!
Lucky girl!

Her Aunties, Uncles and cousins gave her
3 new charms for her bracelet
and the most beautiful painting of a ballerina
which was brought back from the Dominican!
She is truly spoiled,
thank you!

It was wonderful for Ashley to finally get to
celebrate a birthday with her family in Regina.
Thank you all for being there and spoiling her!

Happy Birthday to my sweet girl.
I love you and I hope you enjoy being a teenager!

Great Experiences In Weyburn

My 365 is officially finished!
That seemed to go by quickly!
I will still be posting regularly but not in 365 fashion.
Thank you for you continued support 
and I look forward to your comments!

Zachary's team played very well for
their first time in the Provincial Playdowns.
All of his fans left after today's first game
because the second one didn't start until 8:30pm!

Thank you all for coming! 
(you too Grama, I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of you)
It meant a lot that you made time to 
be here to cheer on Team Turner!

We went through the Turner Curling Museum.

And then the boys finished the week with a win!
Congratulations on a fantastic effort boys!
We are looking forward to seeing you back again next year!

366 of 365 - Tough Games and Family Time

I love that Zach has had so much support
throughout this adventure!
It means so much to him that his family,
near and far,
have been keeping track of his progress
here in Weyburn.

After a couple of tough games today,
we went back to the hotel and had a great visit
as well as some pizza.
Such a fun week so far!

365 of 365 - Opening Ceremonies!

Welcome to the 2013
Junior Men's and Ladies
Provincial Playdowns!

Here's to some amazing curling!
Congratulations on making it here 
Team Turner!

364 of 365 - Made It To Weyburn.

Ashley has to sleep on an air mattress
because Zach needs the whole bed to ensure
good night's sleeps for curling.

She seems to have made herself
quite comfy!

363 of 365 - Happy New Year!

After a very late night,
everyone was moving a little bit
slower today.

Steve and David were setting up Skype,
I think,
so that we can all stay in touch.
He is leaving for Edmonton to begin a new adventure.
Lindsay and the kids will follow as soon
as their house sells.
We will miss you guys and
wish you all the best!

Zach and David had some time to play xbox.
Zach enjoys the time he gets to spend
with his Uncles.