Happy 13th Birthday Ashley!

Holy Moly!
I can't believe that she's 13 already!
She has grown into a beautiful young lady
and we are so proud of her.

She was so excited that we got to go back to
Regina today.
Grama made her a cake,
invited everyone over and
she got to open her presents at Grama's house!

Grama made her awesome 
angelfood cake with boiled icing!
Lucky girl!

Her Aunties, Uncles and cousins gave her
3 new charms for her bracelet
and the most beautiful painting of a ballerina
which was brought back from the Dominican!
She is truly spoiled,
thank you!

It was wonderful for Ashley to finally get to
celebrate a birthday with her family in Regina.
Thank you all for being there and spoiling her!

Happy Birthday to my sweet girl.
I love you and I hope you enjoy being a teenager!

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