178 of 365 - Fun At The Cabin

What a great day today!
It was HOT, HOT, HOT!
The kids blew bubbles, 
Zach caught a 4 pound Jack,
we were at the beach and had a
wiener roast.

177 of 365 - Happy Long Weekend!!!

We are looking forward to the
long weekend.
It's supposed to be beautiful so
we will be at the beach!

I will take plenty of photos but since
there isn't wifi out there
you'll have to wait until Monday
to see them.

Have a great long weekend!

176 of 365 - Back To Routine

I am so very happy to be home again
to keep up with the work that
needs to be done.

With the end of the school year
I have decided that being at home with
my children is where I need to be
and therefore I am re-opening
my daycare.
I am very happy with my decision,
it feels great to have my routine back!
I see that I have quite a few visitors each day
and I would love to hear from you.
Please leave me a comment and
thank you for visiting my blog!

175 of 365 - Uprooted

The wind was unbelievable today.
If you look close, it looks like the tree
was twisted out of the ground!
Thank goodness no one was hurt
and nothing was ruined
by this tree.

174 of 365 - Severe Storm = 7 Hour Power Outage!

From 5 until midnight we were without power.
We had severe thunderstorm and
tornado warnings for most
of that time as well.

Thank goodness for the bbq,
we had burgers by candlelight!


The hail was HUGE!!

When there's nothing else to do
read by the lights on your hat!

173 of 365 - It's How Hot???

This was the temperature in our
backyard this afternoon!
It's south facing so it's always
hotter back there.
Thank goodness for air conditioning!

172 of 365 - Early Gift

Steve's birthday is next week
but we are heading to the lake this weekend so
he went and picked out a 
new rod and reel.

Hopefully there will be
some fish caught !

169 of 365 - Only A Few Left!

There were so many flowers 
this year and now they are
almost gone.
There is something so
beautiful about
Bleeding Hearts!

168 of 365 - OUCH!

I successfully slammed my
thumb in the door
of our vehicle yesterday.

This is not a recommended practice
as it causes severe discomfort,
swelling and bruising!

167 of 365 - Pike Lake

It was a little bit soggy out there today.
It was a lot of fun
and watching the kids canoe
in the rain
was even more fun!

Thanks for allowing me to join your
class today Ashley!

165 of 365 - Happy Father's Day

Even though it was raining
most of the day,
I believe that Steve had a
very good day today.

Happy Father's Day
to all of the wonderful dads!

164 of 365 - Amazing Group Of Young Ladies

Ashley has had the most amazing
year of dance.

These girls kicked some serious butt
and proved themselves worthy
of the "senior dancer" status.
 Congratulations girls,
we are looking forward to seeing what you
have in store for us 
next year.

163 of 365 - Tough To Choose

Today we had tornado warnings
and there were quite a few funnel clouds spotted
in and around Saskatoon.
We were outside watching the funnel clouds form
and I chose to take a picture of the
super fluffy white clouds peeking out from behind the black ones.

It was all really quite amazing to watch.

On another note,
Zachary's lacrosse team finished first
in the "A" side to
qualify for provincials.

This will be Zach's 3rd year in Provincials.
Way to go Zach!

160 of 365 - Rain, Rain Go Away......

It's supposed to rain all the way
through to the

As beautiful as all of the trees and
flowers will be,
we've had enough now.

157 of 365 - Grand Finale

What an AMAZING show!
Pure Energy had their recital tonight
and all of the dancers were awesome!
Ashley was our shining star
and we couldn't be more proud of her!

Congratulations on another
fantastic dance season Ashley!

156 of 365 - Defeated

Tonight I was defeated.
Training for a 5K is not an easy thing
to begin with.
I will redo this evenings run on Monday to
try and get through it.
5 minute walk, 3 minute run, 90 second walk,
5 minute run, 90 second walk, 3 minute run,
5 minute walk.

I can do this!

155 of 365 - Holy Bible

Zachary brought this bible home from
school today.
His Christian Ethics teacher
got each of them one.

It is a beautiful bible.

152 of 365 - Playground

The kids didn't have school today
so we decided to go to the park.

It was beautiful outside,
what better way to
spend the day?

151 of 365 - Gone Fishing

Zach and Steve headed out
to Blackstrap for a day 
of fishing today.

They had fun but
no fish were caught!
Maybe next time guys!

150 of 365 - Crackle

We went to the Farmer's Market
this morning and decided to
take a little walk.

The glass was all shattered on
one of the walkways,
I thought it made a neat photo
for today.