147 of 365 - In My Garden

I had a chance to get some
flowers planted this afternoon.
I got some perennials planted but
I also had to plant these....

I love Gerbera Daisies!

145 of 365 - Sugar Baby

For all of this week
Ashley gets to carry around a 5lb
bag of sugar -
her sugar baby for health.
This morning she was finding her
baby a name....

She decided on
Good luck with your baby Ashley!

144 of 365 - Home Safe

Driving home today was almost like work!
The wind and rain was
unbelievable on the highway.
It was great to get home!

143 of 365 - Pure Enjoyment

My niece, Cierra,
was thoroughly enjoying
the crunchy chocolate balls 
that were on top of the cake.

And yes,
she did finish them all!

142 of 365 - On The Road Again.......

I'm off to Regina to do
2 Lia Sophia shows
this weekend.

With any luck I'll be starting
my very first team member too!

141 of 365 - Lilacs! Finally!

Steve and I planted these lilac trees
4 years ago.
Each year I watch and wait
to see blooms.
Finally I have blooms!

After all of the rain and 
maybe a couple days of sunshine
they should open up and
smell wonderful!

140 of 365 - Zach's New Shoes

Zach has wanted to buy a pair of 
Vibram FiveFingers
for awhile.
He finally had enough to buy them!

Now I can't wait to get some!
If you haven't tried them on,
you should.
They are like walking around with bare feet.
Now that's my kind of shoe!

139 of 365 - Broken

Holy Moly!!!
Zach had a lacrosse game tonight
and not only did he come
home bruised and sore
but look what he did..........

I guess he's going to need
a new stick for next week's games!
Nice work son!

138 of 365 - Wilson's

Now that Zach turned 16, and got his license,
he really wanted to go out to Wilson's
so he could drive the bigger, faster

And after their races, Ashley and her friend
went on the bouncy slides while 
Steve, Zach and I walked through the greenhouse.

It was a great way to wrap up our long weekend!

137 of 365 - The Whole Crew

Greg, Tina and the kids had to leave today.
We decided to get a group shot
since it had been awhile since we have
been together.

Thanks for the visit,
we really enjoyed having you here!

136 of 365 - Family Time

It was a great day spent with family today.

We were at the farmer's market,
Midtown Plaza,
and then home for a fire
complete with
hot dogs and s'mores.

135 of 365 - The Best Mojitos Ever

I found a new recipe for Mojitos.
My sister-in-law and I decided that we
should go ahead and make the
"mix for six" version.

They were

134 of 365 - C is for Cookie

I had the day off today so
it was a great day to
make a double batch of
chocolate chip cookies.

133 of 365 - Bleeding Hearts

I am enjoying my
bleeding heart plants.

They are so full and have
tons of flowers
on them this year.

132 of 365 - PINsperation

Ashley got tulips on the
weekend and I
saw an opportunity
to copy an idea from
I think it turned out super cute,
what do you think?

131 of 365 - It's Official!!!

Zach got his Driver's License today!

We got home and off he went,
all by himself.
Congratulations Zach!
Please drive safe!

130 of 365 - Happy 16th Birthday Zachary!

I was fortunate enough to have the
opportunity to share 
Mother's Day with my son's
16th Birthday!
It is hard to believe that 16 years have
gone by.

We are so proud of the wonderful young man
that he has become.

Happy Birthday Son and 
good luck on your driving test

I was spoiled today too.
My mom, dad and 2 of my sisters
were here over the weekend and
we all went for a wonderful 
Mother's Day Brunch this morning at the
Saskatoon Inn.
It was so nice to spend Mother's Day 
with my Mom!
Thanks for a great weekend
and an even better
Mother's Day!

129 of 365 - Most Promising.....

We went and watched the Solo and Duet show
for Ashley's dance studio
It was fabulous!

Ashley's Tap group,
"Tribal Dance" won the 
"Most Promising Tap" award
Ashley won the 
"Most Promising Ballet" award!
Congratulations Ashley!

128 of 365 - Wax On, Wax Off......

Zachary was putting the final touches
on his car tonight.
With his birthday being on Sunday,
he wanted his car all shiny and ready to go.

All they have left is to paint the
rims and add the hubcaps.
Should look awesome Zach!

127 of 365 - Steve Cooked Supper

After a long day I
figured Steve could look after
supper tonight.
Here's what he "made".

Thanks for taking care of
supper Steve,
it was really good!

126 of 365 - Finishing Touches

Zach is almost finished 
fixing up his car.
Today they found better front
seats and I came outside to this....

125 of 365 - Shadow

This seems to be Shadow's new
favourite bed.
He waits for the sink to be emptied
and then he climbs in,
curls up and takes a nap!

124 of 365 - Nothing Says Relaxing Like........

sitting on the deck,
having a beverage with my husband
while the burgers are cooking
on the bbq.
Steve is very happy that he
has successfully found a beer that
I actually like this year!

123 of 365 - Pure

This frozen yogurt bar 
has been in Saskatoon for quite
awhile now.

It was delicious!
It's all self serve and you pay by the 
end weight of your creation.
I'm happy that it's on the other end of the city
because I'm afraid that we'd be there
a lot if it was closer.
Definitely worth the drive!

122 of 365 - One Pair For Each Dance

Ashley was getting all of her stuff
together for dance photos
at the studio tomorrow.
She realized that she had one
pair of shoes for each of her dances,
not including her tap solo.

All is starting to wind up at dance.
Photos this weekend,
solo and duet show next weekend
and then 4 weeks until the
Wow! That's hard to believe!

121 of 365 - A Little Bit Retro

While we were out tonight
we came across these....

Of course the kids HAD
to have them!

120 of 365 - Lacrosse Season Is Upon Us

Being that Zach is in Midget this year, 
some of his games are late. 
By late I mean 9:15pm - 10:30pm.
Tonight was one of those games.

It was a very good game!
Zach's team won 12 - 5 and
Zach got a goal!
I love watching him play,
I get to see a side of my son that isn't there
in everyday life.
Great game tonight Zach!

119 of 365 - Long Time Coming.....

We finally splurged and 
got ourselves some 
new living room furniture!

We will be getting a rug for under the table
and a comfy blanket for snuggling
on the giant chair soon.
It's such a wonderful feeling when
you know that you've worked hard and can
do some nice things for yourselves
once in a while.
So if you'll excuse me now,
I have a book that's waiting to be read 
in my new chair!

118 of 365 - So close......

Zach's car is pretty much ready.
He drove to lacrosse tonight.

In 12 days this boy of mine will be 
16 years old!
I'm ready.
He's ready.
It will be exciting to see what this
new chapter will bring.