117 of 365 - Spring Renewal

I love seeing 
all of the 
new buds on the trees.

With all of the rain that is
coming over the next few days
the trees should be green 
in no time!

116 of 365 - Cheering Section

Today was the last day at the
Biggar competition.
Ashley had one dance left -
tap group,
"Top Hats, White Ties & Tails".
They did awesome!

This was before we left the house this morning....

And Ashley was pretty lucky today too!
Not only did Zach and Steve come to watch but
so did her Auntie Belle, Auntie Cynthia,
Tanisha and Ethan.

Thank you so much for coming to see her dance.
She loved having a few more fans to cheer her on!

115 of 365 - Full Day In Biggar

Ashley had 5 dances to perform
at competitions today.
The day started out with a snow covered

Ashley was thrilled to have her
dad & brother there to watch
this weekend.

Steve had to leave to take Zach to work so
Ashley had some down time.

Ashley's Lyrical group was ready to 
Once again they were

One more dance tomorrow
and competitions are over for another
Congratulations girls!

114 of 365 - After "Circus"

This is probably one of my favourite dances
that Ashley does this year.
Okay, all of them are my favourite but
this one is so much fun!

They smear their lipstick across their faces
halfway through the dance! 
Congratulations on Gold today girls!

Ashley also got to have a little bit of
snuggle time with Jacob.
Jacob is Ashley's Tap instructor's baby and he is
so very sweet.

113 of 365 - Masks

What a great surprise!
It was the perfect day to be at Ashley's school.
A teacher, that had plastered Zach and Ashley's
faces a few years ago, was back for a visit today.
He brought these with him....

I am so excited!
I can't wait to figure out exactly where
to put them!
They look AMAZING!!
Thanks so very much  for capturing 
my children's youth Tim!

112 of 365 - Stir-Fry

I was really wanting veggies today

a quick stir-fry was created!
It was delicious!!!

111 of 365 - What Was Old Is New Again

It doesn't take long once they start.

The Bleeding Hearts should
have blooms on them
in no time!

110 of 365 - Hardware

After a very long weekend
Ashley sat back and had a look
at the hardware that
she brought home.

She had an awesome weekend!
It is so much fun watching all of the dancers
do so well.
Ashley is very fortunate to be a part of
such a wonderful studio.
Congratulations to all of the Pure Energy dancers
for representing your studio so very well!

109 of 365 - Top Hats and Golden Tickets

Today was the last day of competition.
The girls performed their tap
"Top Hats, White Ties and Tails".
They received Silver.

Two of the groups that Ashley was in
got called back for the
Golden Ticket!
Ballet and Lyrical!

They placed for both dances!
Congratulations to all of the Pure Energy dancers
for an amazing weekend!!!

108 of 365 - My Girl

Never ceases to
amaze me!

She has had such a great 
weekend so far.
I truly enjoy spending this
time with her.

107 of 365 - Success!

After a very long day
the girls walked away with some
pretty respectable

"Circus" received Gold!

Ashley and Madison's Duet,
"Never Grow Up"
received Bronze.

"On The Edge"
received Silver.

Awesome day in Humbolt today!
Congratulations dancers!

106 of 365 - Gold!

Day 2 of dance competitions in Humbolt.
Tribal Dance received Gold!

3 more days and 
5 more dances to go!

105 of 365 - Humbolt Dance Competition

Ashley performed her Tap Solo
this evening.
It was the first day of the Humbolt

Ashley received a Silver tonight.
She danced very well!
6 more dances to go.

104 of 365 - It Must Be Spring!

I looked out my window above the sink
this morning and saw.....

a whole flock of Robins
looking for the perfect tree
to make their home!
It's always nice to see them back.

103 of 365 - Getting Closer.....

Zach's car is almost ready for him to drive.
He took me out for a ride when I
got back from Regina yesterday.

Tonight, him and Steve are replacing the glass
in the driver side door. 
The mechanism that rolls the window up and down
was broken so they have fixed it.
I am so proud of the work that they have done
to get this car ready for Zach!
(He even learned how to change his own oil yesterday!)

102 of 365 - Retired!

We took mom out for brunch today
to celebrate her new found freedom.
She officially retired on April 1!

Congratulations mom!
We are all so proud of you!
Love you!

101 of 365 - Bunch Of Crazies!

We were all at my
Aunt's 50th birthday party tonight.

I was trying to take a 
nice photo of my sister and her
boyfriend and my mom, dad,
brother, SIL and niece
photo-bombed it!

Love you guys!

100 of 365 - Peaceful

I took the bus to Regina today.
Since I was going by myself,
 I decided that it would be
less stressful and more
economical if I took the bus.

Please excuse the quality of this photo.
It was taken through the bus window and
with my phone!
I thoroughly enjoyed the ride!

99 of 365 - No Rest

Tonight was similar to last night
Except Zach had lacrosse
instead of curling
and Ashley was practicing
one of her tap groups.
Tribal Dance, to be exact.

This is one fast dance! 
I can't wait to see it on stage next week!

Zachary had his last evaluation 
floor time tonight.

Should be another exciting
lacrosse season!

98 of 365 - Busy Evening

Zachary had curling last night and tonight.
All 3 games were skins games,
4 ends each.
Curling season has now come to an end.
Great year boys!

Ashley has been at the dance studio 
each night this week.
They have had extra practices and 
dress rehearsals
for the upcoming competitions
beginning next week.

I got to the studio in time to watch
her Lyrical group.
It's beautiful!
I do believe that they are ready.

And with that
I wish you a good night!

97 of 365 - Gummy Bunnies

It was one of those days
that nothing seemed to go the way
it should.

By the end,
I had forgotten my camera
when we went to watch
Zach curl so
this is what you get today.
Gummy Bunnies!

95 of 365 - Happy Easter!

We had an awesome day today!
The kids had a blast
finding eggs, eating chocolate
and then we watched

As you can see,
everyone was so relaxed that
most ended up having a nap during
the movie.
I hope you had a great Easter
with your family,
I know I sure did!

94 of 365 - Coloring Eggs

We had fun 
coloring eggs this afternoon.

This is one of those activities
that we all enjoy
doing together every year.
Love it!!!

93 of 365 - All In The Family

It's been a long time
since I have had the opportunity
to take a photo of
all 6 of these children at
the same time!

My mom was happy that
she got to see all 6 of
her grandchildren,
at the same time,
It was a very Good Friday.

92 of 365 - Grandma's Angel

My mom gave Ashley this 
sweet little angel tonight.

I'm sure Ashley will find
a special place for her.

91 of 365 - Circus Ballet

Ashley had a full costume
practice in ballet
With only 2 weeks until
the Humbolt competition,
the girls are into extra practices.

I love this costume!
It's so much fun and the girls
will be wearing their hair
all crazy to go with their
smeared lipstick.
I can't wait for Humbolt!

90 of 365 - My New Favorite

I got this necklace and bracelet
from a Lia Sophia
party that I had recently.

I love all of the jewelry that they
have but this set is my
new favorite!

89 of 365 - Fixer Upper

Well here it is......

Zach's first car!
Yes, it is in a hundred pieces right now
but between Zach, Joey, Sean and Steve,
this car will be running in no time!
He wanted a car that he had to
fix up and that's what he got.
He's enjoying the process
and can't wait to have it done so
he can drive it.

88 of 365 - Proud To Call Them My Own....

There is no way I can only
choose one photo today.
This weekend has ranked right up there
with one of our
busiest weekends ever!
First up today was picking Ashley
up from her 10 hour
dance-a-thon at 8:00 this morning.

Yep, they stayed up dancing

Next up is Zach. He had his final
tryout this afternoon.
No he didn't make the team
but I am still so very proud of
his efforts!

As soon as Zach finished lacrosse
we had to get him home, 
he had the fastest shower ever
and we were off to his curling final.

He successfully skipped his 
team to a third place finish in the
under 19 league.
Way to go Team Turner!

on another great season boys!

And that, in a nutshell,
was our weekend!
I loved every minute of it!