8 of 365 - Playdough Cookies

I just finished baking 8 dozen of my mom's "playdough" cookies!
My children started calling them this, when they were small,
as they thought the cookies looked just like playdough.
The name just kind of stuck!

6 of 365

I almost forgot to take my photo today!
This seemed like an appropriate picture for today-
my son just taking it easy.
Good night!

4 of 365 - Curling Bonspiel

Our son and his curling team were in their final bonspiel this weekend.
By the end of today they had won 3 out of 4 games
and will play in the finals tomorrow!

3 of 365 - Dance Competition

Miss Ashley got a silver medal for her tap solo in competition today! 
Once again I'm a very proud mom!

2 of 365 - "Snuggie"

Couldn't resist! Ashley was all curled up in her "snuggie" and I was wishing it was me!

1 of 365 - March Snow

We all knew that winter wasn't over yet! -18 tonight and +2 again tomorrow! Happy March!