365 of 365 - Happy Trails To You...........

....until we meet again!
Well here it is,
my 365th photo!
I feel that I have improved some of my 
photography skills and I still have 
a lot to learn.
I appreciate all of the comments
and encouragement that
I received over the past year.
I am going to take a little break from
my camera and
maybe read some "how to" books.
For now,
I will still be posting a photo
 here and there
and soon enough,
I'm sure I'll start all over at 1.

364 of 365 - The Same But Different!

Only 1 more picture left!
I took the same picture that
I took for my very first photo
364 days ago!
It is the same but we still have so 
much more snow this year!
Have a look back at #1,
today you can't even see the bottom
of my slide!!

363 of 365 - Scents

I closed another Partylite show
this evening.
It was fun,
the whole family was involved
in choosing the scents
that they were going to have
for their home!
The husband and children had my
scents all over the table -
they just couldn't decide!
When you've got $200 worth
of FREE product,
it takes a few minutes to use it all up!

362 of 365 - Congratulations Team Turner!

After an exciting game
Team Turner
won the "C" final.
The score was 6 - 2 after 6 ends.
Great finish boys!

361 of 365 - Equipment Shopping

With Lacrosse season
starting next weekend
Zachary tried on his equipment
and realized that there were
a couple of things he needed to replace.
Fortunately he didn't need
a new stick
but I had to take a picture 
of all of the different heads and
shafts that there are to choose from.
We would have been there all day!

360 of 365 - Expression

Oh I am soooo excited!!!
Steve bought me 
the Cricut Expression!
All I keep thinking about is all
of the options I've got as far as
vinyl projects go now!
I can make letters and pictures up to 24"
so if there's anything that anyone would like in vinyl,
I'm sure we could make that happen!!
On another topic -
I only have 5 more photos left!!

359 of 365 - Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!!

I made 
GREEN waffles,
GREEN juice &
magic GREEN pudding
for lunch 
and then 
GREEN cupcakes
GREEN icing and
GREEN sprinkles
for snack today!!
The kids loved it!
I hope you all had a great day too!

358 of 365 - Green Preparation

I made green sugar cookies today
with green sprinkles.
Every year for St. Patrick's Day
I make green food for the kids.
Lunch, drinks and snacks are all green!
They love it!
Tomorrow is green day
and we do it up right!

356 of 365 - Winds Of Change

With the weather having made a drastic
change today, 
I felt it necessary to have this 
for my photo today.
If it stays this nice
the snow will be gone before we
know it!

355 of 365 - Melting

It was so beautiful
today but the roads were
so very messy!
It would be wonderful if
it stayed nice now. 

354 of 365 - Spring Colors

The colors of spring
were everywhere at 
Michael's today!
Now if the weather can follow,
we'd all be happy!

353 of 365 - Racing

Zach and Ashley rented
Kinect Sports 
It is so much fun watching them
play these games together!
They were racing each other 
in this photo.

352 of 365 - Choices, Choices and More Choices

We were downtown tonight
to buy some birthday gifts
for our niece and nephew.
Ashley had to go into
Build A Bear.
It's a conspiracy, 
I'm sure of it!
I do have to admit,
the bears do have a very nice
selection of clothes.

350 of 365 - Shrove Tuesday

Did everyone enjoy their
pancakes today?
The kids were
very happy with pancakes
for lunch!

349 of 365 - Castle

Steve and I had a short coffee
date this evening and I
actually remembered to take my 
The Bessborough was the photo
I had to have tonight.
So beautiful!

348 of 365 - Ballet Exam

Ashley had her
Grade 5 Ballet Exam today.
The girls were warming up and I took 
advantage of the situation
and caught a few great
After it was all done
the girls were very happy!
Great work girls!

347 of 365 - Practicing

Ashley had on her costume 
for her solo and decided to practice 
all of her dances this morning.
This is from her lyrical
Tomorrow is her ballet exam 
and she is definitely
in the zone already!

345 of 365 - Craft Shelf

Pretty uneventful,
very cold day again!
The shelf in my
looked great today.
I'm trying to get the kids
books caught up so I can try to
add activities as they
happen this year!

344 of 365 - Cross

The cross on the wall caught my attention
this evening.
This one's for you, Mom!
Everything will be okay soon.
Love you!

343 of 365 - Catching Up

I decided that it was time
to get caught up
on my scrapbooking.
By the time I found and printed the
photos, found all of the
extras that go with the pictures,
and sat down to get started
I realized that all I got done
was created a 
Oh well!
At least it's all ready for when
I have time another day!

342 of 365 - Ice Cream?!?

My children decided that,
of all days,
today would be a great day
 to have ice cream for dessert!
I suppose that when you've had so many
days of  -35 to -49
it would get to the point where
it really doesn't matter.
The blizzard outside didn't seem to
faze them!

341 of 365 - Team Sask = Team Canada!!!!!

We were so very excited
this evening when
Team Saskatchewan
won the 
Tournament of Hearts!
We got home from Zach's curling
game to see the last 
two ends.
We are now looking forward to 
the Briar starting next week.

340 of 365 - It Figures!

It's Roll Up The Rim
time again and as per usual,
 I haven't won a darn
thing yet!
Steve's won twice,
Zach once
and my sister once.
Maybe the next time?

339 of 365 - Extra Frosty Morning

It is, 
absolutely, ridiculously
this morning!
Poor windows!
I guess this is what happens
when it's - 49!
(Yes I said MINUS 49!)
There is an extreme wind chill warning
and I am so very happy that
there isn't any school,
I don't believe that I would
have let them go if there was!
Stay warm!

338 of 365 - Couldn't Resist!

We BBQ'd pork chops
for supper tonight!
No they weren't on fire!
It was -30something
and the BBQ was
just steaming!
Yep, we may be crazy
but the chops were

337 of 365 - Roses

I love it when Steve brings
These are from last Tuesday
and they are still

336 of 365 - Super High Snowbanks

I went out to shovel after lunch 
and realized that our snowbanks are
Zach is almost 6' tall and they are
just about the same height
as you can see!
I had the boys sit on top so 
it made a better
The grass should be extra
green and the trees should be
awesome this year too!
Can't wait!

335 of 365 - Peaceful

After a wonderfully busy
weekend with family,
It was nice to light the candles,
sit back and relax.

334 of 365 - Beautification

Grace and Ashley were hard at work
this morning. 
The straightened, curled,
applied makeup
so we could go
It's so much fun watching
pre-teen girls get themselves all
dolled up!

333 of 365 - Let Them Be Little

After swimming this evening,
Ashley and her cousins,
Grace & Ella,
were playing Barbies!
I love that they still
love to play with the Barbies.
It may not be too long before they aren't all 
that interested.
For now we will
let them be little!

332 of 365 - Gel Nails

I was so excited to be
a test patient
for my sister, Cynthia, today!
She has just learned how to apply
gel nails and I got to be her very first
She did really well and I suspect
I will have some pretty
awesome fingernails 
from now on!!
Thanks Cynthia!

331 of 365 - God's Hands

My sister, Belle, gave me this
a few years ago
and for whatever reason
it caught my attention today.
I love it! 
The card that came with it says,

"Life is a gift from God.
Day after day,
he showers us with His
most precious stones
Beauty, Love, Abundance

Maybe I am feeling extra
blessed today!

330 of 365 - More Snow?!?!?!

Holy Moly!!!
I spent 45 minutes yesterday
all of the ice off of our
Now we've had to shovel
already today and will 
probably have to
do it again in the morning!

328 of 365 - Happy Valentine's Day!

I made heart shaped
sugar cookies for the kids today.
They always look forward to them!
I love cinnamon hearts so 
together they make
complete happiness!
Hope everyone has a fabulous 
Valentine's day
with your loved ones!

327 of 365 - What I Came Home To Today.....

My sweet husband 
had these sitting on the table for me
when I got home
this afternoon!
He definitely knows how
to make my day!
I love you!

326 of 365 - That's My Boy!

Apparently Zach is ready for
Today he was wearing
shorts and
drinking a Slurpee!!
Crazy Kid!!

325 of 365 -Train Lights

When we came home 
from swimming tonight,
there was a train
that must have been loading up.
 It was going back & forth
and blowing it's horn.
The lights looked amazing in the dark,
between the trees.
This was the view from our back door!

324 of 365 - Ski Pass

Well there it is,
Ashley's tattered and torn ski pass!
She had a blast and can't wait to
go again.
She has bruises on her legs and 
every muscle in her body
hurts from the tumbles
she apparently took
she made it home in one piece!

323 of 365 - Ready to Ski

We were getting Ashley
all packed up for
skiing tomorrow.
The school is headed up to
Table Mountain.
This will be her first time
and we hope she loves it!
We are also really hoping that the weather
is a lot better.
Have fun Ashley
and please 
be safe!

322 0f 365 - Bet You Didn't Know.........

That a group of 14 year old
boys can get in to see
"Jack**s" (Rated "R")
with no problem
but they needed to prove that they 
were 14 (after they already paid for the tickets!)
to go and see
"The Green Hornet"!
(Rated 14A)
No, they didn't get to see the
movie but did get
coupon for free popcorn
for the inconvenience!!
They have to show 2 pieces of ID
next time -
lesson learned.

321 of 365 - Bittersweet Birthday

This is Jacey.
She is one of the children I babysit.
Today was her birthday and
tomorrow she leaves for 
Edmonton as she is
having surgery to repair a 
leaky heart valve on Friday.
Please keep her in your prayers
this week.
Be strong, Jacey!
We'll see you when you get home!

320 of 365 - Super-bowl's of Chips

These chips were the snacks
for Superbowl tonight.
I know,
not a very good pun for the name
of this post but it worked!
Come on,
it's really all I had!

319 of 365 - You're Kidding, Right?

Would you believe that this is
the inside of a 5th wheel?
We went to the RV show today
and some,
I mean MOST,
of the trailers were nicer, on the inside,
than our house!!
There is no way these could be used
by a family who enjoys
real camping!
We'll stick to our tent trailer,
thank-you very much!

318 of 365 - Trigger

Meet Trigger.
He is a 3 month old German Shepherd.
Jay(my brother) & Laura just got him a few weeks ago
but this is the first time we got to meet him.
Keelah is doing alright with him
but isn't all that thrilled
with Trigger biting her ears.
He is very cute and 
will probably be quite large!
(Look at those paws!)

317 of 365 - February Finches

I was so excited today!
I looked out the kitchen window
to see that our flock of
Finches had come back to clean
all of the berries off of the trees again.
I know I'm supposed to post one photo but I
was also able to get a close up so I am
posting that as well.
They are so beautiful and
very fat!
I'm so glad they came back!