27 of 365 - Busy!!!

After a week long "break",
I was lucky enough to
receive a call to work for an EA
who had to take an
unexpected leave!

My work calendar is booked 
for all of this week,
next week and possibly 
the following week too!!
I'm so happy!

26 of 365 - Marble Construction

The boys started working on this last Friday.
They finished it today.

As you can see,
Shadow was 
VERY interested in the

25 of 365 - Dancer's Prayer

I was asked to create some
vinyl quotes for the
dance studio.
Here's what I put up in
the change room today.

It was a lot of work
but I love the way it turned out!

24 of 365 - Wet Paint

Ashley had her birthday party
We went to
Wet Paint Pottery.

The girls had a blast!

Yep, that's cake in
those jars!

23 of 365 - Heading Out

Can you tell what
Zach and Steve are up to this 

Thanks to the King family for the

22 of 365 - Winter Shines

Once again driving by the
farmer's market
and I had to stop for my photo.
All of the shiny
Christmas Balls caught my eye!

I couldn't choose just one!
The Winter Shines Festival starts
this weekend.
There are ice sculptures, skating ponds and decorations!
Hopefully the weather holds up,
looks like lots of fun.

21 of 365 - Hip Hop

We had the pleasure of watching
Pure Energy's
Dance Troupe dance at
Centennial H.S.

Great job
once again girls!

20 of 365 - Left Behind

It happens every year....

and this year it was
stockings left hanging
At least it's still January.
I should look at putting them
away for the year.

19 of 365 - Ice Castle

I was driving by the farmer's market today
and saw that there were guys
with chainsaws carving
ice blocks.
I had to go back with my camera!
Here's what I found...

18 of 365 - Science Project

Ashley was working on her
science project 
this evening.
She was using a battery
to create a magnetic effect
by attaching a wire 
and a nail to it.

17 of 365 - Magic Bullet

I got the Magic Bullet for
Christmas but had to return it.
There weren't any left so I had to wait.
Today I found it and we got to give it a try.

Thanks Dorie!
We are going to love it!

14 of 365 - Winter's Here!

Welcome to winter!
This is what the temperature gage
in the truck said this morning
when I drove the kids to school......

With the wind chill it was -48!!!

It's only supposed to be this cold for 
a couple more days.
Hold on, we can get through this!

13 of 365 - Canada Cup Of Curling

Steve won this curling shirt
on Twitter!
It was the one that Pat Simmons
wore for the
Canada Cup Of Curling.
The team signed it
and Zach was one happy curler!

That combined with his new
broom made him very proud
at practice tonight!

12 of 365 - A Rose From My Son

Zach brought me a rose today.

He made this rose in IA!
I am so excited to say
that I will have this
rose forever!
Now to find just the right
spot to display it!
Thanks Zach,
you did an awesome job!

11 of 365 - Maternity Photos

I was fortunate enough to be
able to take some
maternity photos for
one of Ashley's
dance teachers today.

Amie & Curtis are expecting their first
baby in 2 weeks.
I had fun today,
thanks for letting me capture
this exciting time for you Amie!
Can't wait to meet little Jacob!

10 of 365 - Couch To 10k

Steve is going to run a 10K
in March
I am going to train with him!

Today was 
day 1!

9 of 365 - Keeping Track

I love filling out a new calendar.
It keeps us all informed
of each others

8 of 365 - K-Cup Anonymous


I would say we have 
what some might
say is an
Intervention is pending!

7 of 365 - White Chocolate Mocha

From Starbuck's,
of course!

It wasn't even for me!
This is Zach's new drink of choice.
It went something like this -
"Mom do you want to go to Starbuck's?"
"Why? Do you Zach?"
"Yes, I'll drive and I'll even pay."
He drove and bought his own drink,
I got to go along for the ride!
Thanks for hanging out with me tonight son!

6 of 365 - Delivery Malfunction!

Ashley finally got her birthday gift
 from Calgary.
Express post + Canada Post doesn't always 
guarantee good service,
or so we learned.

Thanks to one of our neighbours,
down the street,
the lost mail was recovered!
It was apparently put in his mailbox
and he brought it by the house tonight!
Thanks Auntie & Uncle for the 
birthday gift!

5 of 365 - Shorts????

Yep, he did it!
January 9 and Zach wore
shorts to school!
It was supposed to get up to 10 degrees today
but only made it to about 4 degrees.
Nice work Zach!

4 of 365 - We Are Family

After brunch there was a 
crazy game of
hand stacking going on.
It reminded me of a sports team 
getting ready to play.


3 of 365 - Family Time

We have a house full of company
this weekend.

There was a little bit of
down time this afternoon after a 
good old fight between
Zach & Uncle David.

2 of 365 - Is This What I Think It Is????

It's Ashley's 12th Birthday today
and she was so very excited.
She got a cell phone!

Happy Birthday Sweetheart!
We hope you had
a great day!

1 of 365 - Troupe at BRIT

Okay so I couldn't wait until Friday!
Here's my first photo for
this round of 365.
Ashley's dance studio put together
a dance troupe this year and they performed
an awesome hip hop routine
at BRIT tonight.
So much un to watch!

365 Revisited

Well I believe that the time has come to do another
365 project.
I have been procrastinating a little bit but 
there's "no time like the present",
I will begin my 365
on Friday, January 6, 2012.
I'm ready,
let's see what kind of inspiration
this year brings.
I will be looking forward to some
helpful comments now and again.
I really would love to know what you think of
my photos.
Have a great night!
See you back here soon!