14 of 365 - Winter's Here!

Welcome to winter!
This is what the temperature gage
in the truck said this morning
when I drove the kids to school......

With the wind chill it was -48!!!

It's only supposed to be this cold for 
a couple more days.
Hold on, we can get through this!


  1. Brrr is right - love this shot of the Bess. Every day on the way home from work I see the cold air coming off the river and want this photo but can't stop. Great capture.

  2. Hahahaha! I froze my butt off getting this shot! I parked the car and walked out onto the bridge. Zach was laughing at me when I got back. I was only out for a couple of minutes and my legs and face were numb AND my camera was all glitchy! Not fun! What we don't do for a great shot! Have a good day!