We have been busy!

I am really looking forward to our
 holidays this summer.

We were very fortunate to have had
a pretty amazing evening with
She took some awesome photos of 
Ashley in her pointe shoes,
at sunset, on the railroad tracks,
by the river.

I still cannot believe the photos she took
are of my little girl!
Where did my 13 year old go?

If you are interested,
please go 
to view the slideshow.
(password is - Michelle)

We are excited for her to do Zach's senior photos,
and maybe some new family photos, 
in the fall as well.

I'd love to hear what you think of Ashley's photos!

Thanks for looking!

Busy, As Usual!

I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately.

With Ashley's dance wrapping up I
would have figured that I
would have plenty of time!

We had a garage sale the same weekend
that my brother and his family came for a visit.
(2 weekends ago!)

It was great!
(The visit, not the garage sale!)
We finished the day off with a fire pit.

The girls set up their table at 8:30am!

Cierra was doing a fashion show!

 Yes, David put beans, sauerkraut &
banana peppers on his hot dog!

Last weekend was Ashley's recital
so we were busy with that all weekend.
Belle and Cynthia, my sisters,
came to watch again.
This is my favourite day.
I love watching the girls (and boys)
dance with no stress.

Love these girls!

 Miss Laeticia will be missed,
the past 3 years of ballet/lyrical and jazz have been fabulous!
We wish you all the best in Ontario!

Miss Amie will be missed,
she has taught Ashley dance for the past
10 years, 8 of those were tap solos too!
We hope to see you regularly!

Ashley's fans!

This is Paradise.
My sister Belle's new puppy.
She is so sweet and is so good!

Thanks for a fun weekends

Zachary's Birthday Dinner

We had Zach's birthday dinner last weekend.

I know, it took a few days to find time to post the pictures!

we had my sister, Cynthia, and our friends
Laeticia, Sean and Adrianna over.
Zach wanted his usual birthday supper,
bbq ribs, stuffed potatoes, corn
and DQ ice cream cake.

This is one happy boy!

After dinner we sat around the fire for
quite a few hours.

Ashley & Adrianna
being goofy.

Zach & Auntie Cynthia 

Time for the cake!!
(Zach had help!)

Happy 17th Birthday Zach!

SOLD!!!!! - 2003 Bonair 1200SL Tent Trailer

Do you know anyone that is looking to buy a
tent trailer?
We are selling ours!

We are asking $5900.

 2003 Bonair 1200SL Tent Trailer

 2 queen beds, slideout table that converts to single bed, camp stove that mounts on outside,
 electric/propane fridge, furnace, sink (9 gallon tank). 

Specs - 
Length closed - 15' 11" 
Height closed - 4' 10" 
Length open - 21' 9" 
Height open - 8' 6" 
Overall width 7' 4" 
Dry weight - 2260 lbs 
Hitch weight - 270 lbs 
Axle weight - 1990 lbs 
Fluid weight - 93 lbs 
GVWR (max cap) - 3500 lbs 

If interested please call 306-955-9729 / 306-280-7815 to arrange a time to come and see it. 
We thoroughly enjoyed it but we are no longer getting the use out of it that we should. 

Happy 17th Birthday Zachary!!!

Remember the previous post -
This is the outcome post to follow...

17 years ago, on this day,
at 1:41am
our wonderful son was born!

After 49 hours, 41 minutes of labor,
this wonderful boy made his way into the world.

He changed our lives!
We were forever mom & dad as of this day
17 years ago.
We were blessed!

Zachary has grown up to be an
amazing young man.
We couldn't have asked for a more 
patient, kind, thoughtful, loving son.

Happy Birthday Zach,
we love you very much 
and hope that the next year brings you
the wisdom you need to decide the next step of your life.

Enjoy your birthday!


Oh boy!

17 years ago today 
Steve took this photo of me.

Little did I know what was in store 
for me that weekend!

I went into labour that very night,
midnight to be exact.

It was a very long weekend,
in and out of the hospital waiting for our baby.

This photo brings it all back.

I remember it like it was yesterday.

Isn't it funny how a photograph can do that?

Stay tuned for the outcome ..........

"The Performer" Competition - Saskatoon

And that wraps up the competitions for this year.
Thank goodness!

As much as I love competitions
I am always very happy when they are over.

This competition was a lot more stressful
than the last one.

Pure Energy dancers did very well
and learned that as long as they danced with their hearts,
and felt great about their own performance,
that was all that mattered.
Be proud of yourselves, we are all very proud of you!

This is what it looks like 
in the dressing room at 7:30am! 

Gold for their Lyrical Duet!

These crazy "Pump It" Girls
wanted to have a little photo shoot!

"The Audition"
We were sitting in the balcony and I
quietly took a photo! 
 They got Gold!

These girls are pretty amazing to watch!
It's so great seeing them on Pointe!
 We are very sad that Miss Laeticia is
leaving. She will be missed a lot!
She is an amazing ballet teacher and Ashley 
has learned so much from her.
Thank you Laeticia!

"Man I Feel Like A Woman"
was the last performance for the whole competition!
This was Ashley's first year in Jazz
and it was such a great dance.
That's her front and centre!

And that's the end of competitions!
Congratulations on representing the studio so very well everyone!

Unfortunately after the competition was over
dancers and parents were getting very sick.
A notice went out the next day that
Norovirus was spreading through like wildfire!
The water, 
that was available to all of the dancers,
 was apparently contaminated.
Thank goodness Ashley took her own all weekend!
 We have been fine, 
I think we should be out of the woods by now.

Nice work TCUP!

Thanks for reading!

Until next time.......

On Stage Dance Competition, Humboldt, SK

What an amazing weekend!

I love watching all of the dancers
do their thing,
especially when they are giving it their all!

We are so fortunate to be a part of such a
family oriented studio.

The instructors are all amazing too.

Ashley made us very proud this past weekend.
She danced like I've never seen her dance before.
It's like she has finally grown into her dancing feet,
everything was so fluid.

Ashley was fortunate enough to leave Humboldt with
5 Gold and 3 Silver medals 
as well as
a distinction certificate for her Tap Solo (92),
a scholarship to a dance convention in Humboldt, 
Outstanding Tap Dancer (12 & under) award
All Around Performer (12 & under) award!

We are so proud of her!

She has 1 more competition this weekend
here in Saskatoon.
She's ready!

Good Luck 
Good Dancing Ashley!

My New Craft!

I am so excited
and extra proud of myself!

After Christmas I found a blog that has
awesome video tutorials on how to crochet.

I followed along and
now I am a crocheting fool!

Since Christmas,
 I have made 3 infinity scarves,
(1 for my SIL and 2 for me!)

3 slouch hats for Ashley,

6 berets for my nieces ballet,

2 purses (1 for each of my nieces in Calgary)

and 2 Swiffer Socks!

Who knew that crocheting was this much fun???
I plan on making more swiffer socks and dishcloths. 
They will make fabulous gifts!

Ashley wants a blanket and 
I found a pretty awesome pattern for lap blankets
that I can't wait to try!

And now I wait for yarn to go on sale!!!!

Easter Weekend

I hope that all of you had a great Easter!
We made our way to Calgary
to visit Steve's side of the family.

Here is the photo of the 
Turner men.

Eggs were coloured.
The boys wanted nothing to do with it this year.

We had our turkey dinner on Saturday/
It was delicious!

 Sunday Morning the kids found eggs.
That was finished faster than ever,
doesn't take long when 5 of them are 
battling over the eggs!

These kids are growing up far to quickly!
They are all turning into such a wonderful group of
young adults.

 Thank you for the wonderful weekend!

The weather was gorgeous while we were in Calgary.
+12ish, no snow, beautiful!
Here is the photos I took on our ride home. 

A little crazy that these pictures 
were taken on the same day!

It was a great weekend and we will be back,
sooner than later this time!