270 of 365 - Fire The Housekeeper!

Oh my goodness!

I can't believe how hard it is to keep up with
all of this dust these days!

You would think that being home all the time, 
I would not have a speck of dust

someday when I'm older......

267 of 365 - Injury On The Field

It wasn't Zach.

Thank goodness.

Unfortunately for this young football player,
his season is probably over.

266 of 265 - Huge Driveway = Perfect Canvas

The kids have been decorating the driveway
over the past couple of days.

It looks awesome!

I'm so happy that it's still nice enough 
that we can be outside

265 of 365 - It's A Beautiful Morning!

Leaves are falling all around me,
the kids are playing in the sandbox
and the sun is shining.

And I only have100 more photos
before this 365 is at the end!

264 of 365 - From Where I'm Sitting....

I am enjoying a quiet moment,
in our living room.

Sometimes it's nice to just sit, reflect
and be grateful for the things that
you have.

263 of 365 - Family Time

The 4 of us went for a walk
around the river today.
It was absolutely wonderful!
The weather was perfect and 
we all had nothing better to do today.

It's not very often these days that
all of us have nothing to do.
It was so nice to spend an afternoon
with my husband and children
just enjoying each others company!

262 of 365 - Autumn Leaves

I know that I've said it before but

The coolness of the air,
the warm sun 
and most of all
the colours!

Not to mention that
it was Fall when I met Steve
and when we got married!

260 of 365 - Thursday Night Lights

We got to go and watch football
at Gordie Howe Stadium tonight!

Unfortunately Zach wasn't playing as his 
coaches are being cautious since he had a pretty
hard knock on the head this week.

It was still fun to watch and it
ended up being a tie game.

Can't wait to see you out there 
playing too, Zach!

259 of 365 - Trade

A friend of mine and I did a trade -
jewelry for toys.
I enjoy doing this as it allows me to
update some toys for my daycare
and it allows her to get some
new jewelry!

The kids were very happy with the toys today!

Thanks Colleen!

258 of 365 - So Many Ladybugs!

I can't believe how many ladybugs 
I have in my yard today!
There were 6 in this plant and
another 13 in another!

By the time I got to taking this photo
only 4 of the 6 were left.

257 of 365 - Changing......

The weather is getting cooler,
the leaves are changing colour,
Fall truly is my favourite season.

256 of 365 - Homework

I love it when we all work together!
Zachary and Ashley were working on their
homework with a little help
from Steve and I.

After the homework was finished,
we carried on with our day.
It was an awesome day!

255 of 365 - Great Evening

Tonight we had some friends over for
a firepit.

The weather was perfect,
the drinks were cold
and the company was fantastic!

254 of 365 - Jack

I am so blessed to be able to
babysit this little man.
I was best friends with his mom's sister
in highschool and then
babysat her 3 children until they were old
enough to go home by themselves.
Now I have the pleasure of 
babysitting Jack.

Isn't he precious?!

252 of 365 - Finger Paints

I finally broke down and tried the
Homemade Finger Paint
recipe that I found on Pinterest.
It's AWESOME!!!!

It was soooo easy to make AND
if the kids put it in their mouths it's okay!

Here's the recipe, if you are interested....

3 TBSP sugar
1/2 tsp salt
1/2 cup corn starch
2 cups water

Combine ingredients in small saucepan.
Warm until mixture thickens.
Cool and pour into jars.
(I poured mine into the jars and put them in the fridge to cool)
Add food colouring to create desired colours.
Paint away!!!

I also doubled this recipe because I
wanted to have lots!

Next up,
Jello Playdough!!!

251 of 365 - Pickle Frenzy

A friend of ours gave us a 
HUGE bucket of

I was so excited,
I had to make at least one batch
of pickles tonight!

I still have A LOT
of cucumbers and will be making
a few more batches.
Now we have to wait 3 weeks
before we can eat them!

250 of 365 - New Friends

My daycare is officially full!

Today I had 2 more sweet little girls start.

As you can see,
Jack has 3 little girls to keep him company!
(I'm sure he doesn't mind.)

I love that it's still nice enough to
play outside most of the day.

They were played out and
all of them ended up sleeping this afternoon.

It's great to have my house full of children again!

249 of 365 - Car Wash

After our company left today,
we decided we should clean Steve's
car before he got home.
After we finished that,
Zachary convinced his sister to
wash his car too.

Lucky for Zach,
that's Ashley's favourite job to
help with!
Thanks for your help Zach & Ashley!
The cars look great!

248 of 365 - Snuggle Time

Lindsay, Matt & Cierra
came for a visit this weekend
since all of the men were
at my brother David's stag.

Zachary was getting some serious
snuggles from his little cousins.

247 of 365 - First Football Game

Tonight Zachary plays his first
senior football game.
It's in Prince Albert so,
I won't get to see him play.

Looking good, son.
Good Luck today.
I will hopefully get to see a game,
 under the lights,
really soon!

246 of 365 - Woodpecker

I've seen a few of these
around our yard this past week.

This one was having lunch 
from our tree 
in the front yard.

245 of 365 - First Day Of School!

It's the most wonderful
time of the year...

I cannot believe that my
babies have grown up so much!
Zachary starts Grade 11
Ashley starts Grade 7
They both make Steve and I so
very proud,
We love you both,
good luck this year!

244 of 365 - Future Artist?

Ashley spent the afternoon painting
a picture for her BFF.

I hope that Ashley keeps on painting.
She really is quite good at it.

243 of 365 - Back To School

Zachary and Ashley were busy
getting their school supplies
organized today.

Grade 11 and Grade 7 this year,
so hard to believe!

242 of 365 - Changing Seasons

It was time to bring out my
fall decor.
I look forward to changing things around
every now and then.

Fall is my favorite season!

241 of 365 - Sleepyhead

It's not very often that I get to
capture a photo of Ashley sleeping.
She fell asleep watching a movie tonight
and I totally took advantage of the situation.

So peaceful.....