I am feeling frustrated today.

My sweet, smart, wonderful girl
is being bullied yet again.

My heart broke this morning when she asked me,
"Mom, why don't people like me?'

I could have cried.


My girl is beautiful, confident, honest
and would be there for anyone in a heartbeat.

This time it's coming from a fellow dancer.

Ashley came home from dance crying after hearing that
someone said that she wasn't good enough to be in the tap class that, 
according to her teacher,
she is one of the strongest tappers in the class.

Ashley has come a long way in tap
and if you could see the passion and love for 
dance in that girl,
not to mention her amazing feet,
you would understand that this has crumbled her world.


I suppose that maybe this other young lady feels threatened
by Ashley this year?
She is no longer the best in the studio
and doesn't like that?
She still doesn't have a right to destroy Ashley.

before competitions,
I have to try to rebuild Ashley's confidence
and make her believe that she is amazing 
and she does deserve to be in each and every class
that she is in.
She has worked her little butt off to get to where she is.

Hold your head up Ashley,
we will get through this, again.
There are too many people who do care and
 who are cheering you on.

I love you,
my amazing girl!

Curling Playdowns

I was fortunate enough to be
able to watch both of the kids games on Sunday.

Round 1 of playdowns.

My two Skips!
Ashley looks up to her brother for many things
and this year she is skipping her own team,
just like her brother.

I could watch these two all day long!
They melt my heart.
How can one mom be so proud?

Only a few more weeks of curling.

We are going to try to schedule a
Turner vs. Turner
game before the end of the season!

I hope it can happen,
how much fun would that be?


The weather is having 
serious issues these days.

It can be beautiful and warm one day
and then, like today,
-38 with the windchill
the next.

We have had some very beautiful, frosty days.

These are berries on the tree
outside of my kitchen.

I love when everything is covered in frost!

I also love when the grass and leaves turn green again......

Busy Weekend (Are There Any Other Kind?)

Holy Moly!
If that was the weekend,
we had it.

Zach was asked to curl in the
men's bonspeil.
They curled one game on Thursday,
one game on Friday and 
3 games on Saturday!

Win, Win, Loss,
Win, Loss.

He had a blast!
I got to watch all of the Saturday games
so I was one happy (and proud) mom!


Ashley had not only her regular dance class
on Saturday
but a mock ballet exam too.

And in between all of that I
found some time to
crochet an infinite scarf for
my Sister In Law.

It was nice to have some time at the end of the day 
on Sunday
to sit, relax
and watch Ashley
practice all of her dances.

I am really looking forward to the long weekend!

Sweetness Revisited

Ashley has been bringing home her dance costumes
this one is, 
by far,
the most unique.

I love it!

Where did my baby go?

Here is Ashley's first ballet photo.
She was only 4.

Look at her,
so sweet!

And to think she is taking her 
intermediate RAD exam in a few short weeks.


My baby is growing up.
Good luck on your exam Doodles,
I know you will ace it!