56 of 365 - Wind Up

Today was the last day of 
Learn To Curl.

I apologize for the lack
of clarity but this photo was taken
through the glass
and in a hurry to catch all 
three of my curlers!

55 of 365 - Chillaxin'

Shadow was hanging out on
the railing so that he
could see Steve
barbecuing tonight.

He actually stayed there for quite
I'm not 100% sure
he was very
comfortable though!

54 of 365 - Tea

Since I have
given up coffee for lent,
I am especially thankful
for this box of
tea that I got for a
Christmas gift.

53 of 365 - Colorful

Ashley really had to try this
hair coloring technique
that she saw
on Pinterest.

I'm seriously hoping that it doesn't
rub off onto her pillow tonight!

52 of 365 - Ribbons

Ashley had to sew her
ribbons onto her
pointe shoes today.

She will be wearing them
for her 
ballet exam 
in a couple of weeks.

51 of 365 - Interesting.........

I saw this van full of guys out
shovelling sidewalks
This afternoon the same van
pulled up across the street,
out got the guys
and they started shovelling.


50 of 365 - Quick,Easy & Delicious

These cupcakes are so yummy
and so pretty
to look at.

They are the same recipe that I
used for Ashley's birthday.
Everyone loved them enough
that I decided to
make them regularly.
Each cupcake has a different
pattern too!
So fun!

49 of 365 - Hitting The Slopes

Zachary and some of his
friends went up to 
Table Mountain

This was taken at 
this morning!
I hope they had a 
great day

48 of 365 - Jacob

Jacob is 1 month old today.
Amie & Curtis!

He's absolutely
Thank you for allowing me to 
capture this special time 
for you.

46 of 365 - Making Pizza

After another super busy
Ashley had a very good
idea for supper tonight.
Make our own

Ashley does have the
netting from oranges
over her head.
Sometimes a perfect
photo is just 
going to happen!

45 of 365 - Crafty Kind Of Day

The floor of my
scrapbook room works
really well
as a large desk these days.

Today I was busy getting
a couple of things ready for
a special little boy.
Ashley and I are really
looking forward to

44 of 365 - Morning Frost

It was a little foggy this morning.
By the time I was
leaving for work
the frost that was on the trees

43 of 365 - Kitchen Help

Shadow was helping
by pre-washing
the dishes as I put them in the 

Such a helpful

42 of 365 - Bring A Friend

Today Ashley got to bring a friend to
Learn To Curl.
Madison had a blast!

Steve and Zach did a great job
32 kids to curl today!

41 of 365 - Happy Valentine's Day!

There were so many obvious
choices for today's photo
but I wanted to
share a couple of special
Valentine's cards
that I received today.

A couple of the students that
I work with
gave me these!
Thanks girls,
you made my day!

39 of 365 - Quick Visit

My sisters stopped by for
a quick visit today.

Thanks for stopping by,
we always love to see you both!

37 of 365 - Dominion Regional Playdowns

Zach was asked to play with
a men's team this weekend
in the playdowns.

They lost their first game
and won their second game.
Next game starts at 9:00
tomorrow morning!

36 of 365 - Lucky Elephant

Parents of one of the boys that 
Zach curls with
brought  this beautiful
back from their vacation
for us.

Thank you so much!
We love it!

34 of 365 - Solo Costume

I went to watch
Ashley practice her
tap solo tonight.
She had on her costume!

She's dancing to
Matthew Morrison's version
"Somewhere Over the Rainbow".
I can't wait to see it on stage!

33 of 365 - Zachary

"What I see 

is just a glimpse 

of the man you'll be"

This boy makes me
so proud!

32 of 365 - February 5???

Are you sure?

Yep, we saw someone
riding their
motorcycle today!
You would never know it's
supposed to be winter in

31 of 365 - More Vinyl For The Studio

Studio 1 is pretty much done now.
I just have to do centre markers 
for the floor.

Next up -
Ballet Studio!

29 of 365 - Toolbox

Zachary made this 
toolbox in IA last semester.

I told him he should start
filling it with tools
so that when he eventually moves out
he will have himself a
really good start on some tools.
Awesome job Zach!

28 of 365 - Almost Walking

I have the pleasure of
looking after
this sweet little girl a few
times a week.

One of these days she will be walking,
I'm sure of it!
I am so very happy that
Ashley's ballet teacher asked us to
watch her.
It's fun having a baby around!