252 of 365 - By The Light Of The Tree

I love Christmas
for so many reasons.
I especially love when I am the only
one awake and I can sit and enjoy
my coffee by the light of the tree.
This time is when I find myself
reflecting on the past and being
thankful for all that we have.
Really, it's the perfect
time of day!

251 of 365 - The Love of a Brother

After supper Zach and Ashley
decided to have a little
wrestling match!
As you can see, Zach had the
upper hand
but Ashley really thought she was
I love it when they get along!

250 of 365 - Rider Pride Chocolate Fountain

Zachary and Ashley
really wanted a green chocolate
fountain to go with our Grey Cup supper.
I bought green melting chocolate and
the kids got to enjoy their
"Rider Pride"
As far as the game goes -

249 of 365 - Deck The Halls ..........

We decorated the house today.
Zachary and Ashley
both wondered if the tree
was smaller this year!
Sorry kids, the tree is still
the same size
it's always been,
it's you that have grown taller.  

248 of 365 - Strays

I just don't understand....
they go in as a pair
and come out single!!
(Sounds like a bad country song!)

247 of 365 - Outside Christmas Lights - Check!

We turned on the lights this week.
They look so pretty
in the snow!
I believe we will be putting
up the rest of the decorations
this weekend.
I just can't wait 
any longer!!

246 of 365 - Kiwi

Zach's snack looked so good today
that I decided it was 
photo worthy
and then I had one for myself!

245 of 365 - It's What You Believe In Your Heart!

Because last year
was the last year
she believed
that gifts come from the
North Pole.
And this year
she knows
that gifts really come from
 the heart.

244 0f 365 - Sundog

It is supposed to get down
to -30 this week!
I can believe this just by
looking at this amazing sundog.
Welcome to winter!

243 of 365 - Green Is The Color!!!

Sing along if you know the words!

"Green is the color,
football is the game,
we're all together 
and winning is our aim,
so cheer us on through the sun and rain,
Saskatchewan Roughriders
is our name!"

242 of 365 - "Believe in Me"

Ashley was practicing her lyrical
dance in the living room tonight.
They are dancing to 
"Believe In Me"
and it is going to be 

241 of 365 - First High School Report Card!

Right now I am 
of Zach!
He brought home his first
 high school repot card today and
He has got a 93% average!
He has never had these kinds of
Congratulations and
keep up the great work Zach!

240 of 365 - It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas..........

Holy Snow!!!
This overhang of snow is bound
to fall on someone's
head before the end of the day!
It looks kind of pretty
and I think we may even turn the 
lights on tonight!

239 of 365 - School Zone

I do have a purpose for this post.
This morning, when Ashley was patrolling,
a car was going to fast for the snowy conditions 
(plus the fact they were in a school zone)
and couldn't stop in time.
Ashley almost got hit by this car but was, 
paying attention and jumped out of the way.
I'm not entirely sure why this person couldn't see
Ashley standing out in the street.
She had on a bright yellow vest and had
a large red STOP sign in her hand!
Please, slow down 
and respect the rules of the road!

238 of 365 - My 80's Girl

Ashley had an 
"80's" day
at school today!
She was so excited to be able to wear
her halloween costume again.
This is an outfit that she's
comfy in and I'm happy that
she got to wear it to school!

237 of 365 - Mandarin Oranges

One of my favorite things about the
Christmas season are
the oranges!
When I was pregnant with Ashley,
I ate a whole box in one day!
Yes, she does love them too
and no, I didn't ever get
sick of them.
This is definitely a staple
in our house until the end of

236 of 365 - Day of Wins

Team Turner won their first
game in the Under 17 league today.
The final score was
4 - 3.
Apparently it was a winning
kind of day - 

235 of 365 - Frosty Morning

The frost was beautiful this
Steve and I headed down
to River Landing so I could take some
pictures and we ended up
over by the 
 I took quite a few
and I was tempted to post more
but this was my favorite.

234 of 365 - Jenna & Ashley Creations

Jenna & Ashley had the crafting bug today!
They came to me this morning
and asked if they could make lip gloss
so off we went to
Wal Mart.
They successfully made 24 pots of lip gloss!
Chocolate, Chocolate-Mint, Strawberry, 
Orange-Pineapple, Lime, 
Fruit Fiesta and
I used vinyl to label the pots so the girls
can tell which one they are using.

233 of 365 - Lest We Forget

A single poppy in the snow
to remember those whose lives were
lost fighting for our freedom.

232 of 365 - The Stars of Bethlehem

We were at the high school tonight
for Zach's football banquet.
I love that the lights on the school
are stars.
Under the blue star is the nativity.
It's just beautiful!

231 of 365 - Is It Here To Stay?

The trees looked beautiful after 
last night's snowfall!
Being that it is almost the
middle of November,
it wouldn't break my heart if the
snow stuck around now.

229 of 365 - So Close

I guess I am starting to
understand exactly how a
14 year old's brain may
(or may not) work
these days.
After supper Zachary made a point
of saying,
"I won't forget to put my cup in this time".
I turned around and saw this!
Unfortunately, this was the
second time for this exact attempt today!
We all had a good laugh over it

228 of 365 - Happily Ever After

We attended a wedding this afternoon
and it was absolutely
Congratulations Amie & Curtis!

227 of 365 - Red Juicy Goodness

I had this with my breakfast 
this morning!
It was so good!
It's too bad they are only
available for a short time in
the fall.

226 of 365 - Cotton Candy Cake

Ashley won this
cotton candy cake
at curling yesterday.
It is just cotton candy that has
been shaped like an
angel food cake!
If she doesn't eat it soon,
it may just disappear!

225 of 365 - Hi Ho, Hi Ho, It's Off To Work We Go.........

First, please excuse the poor
quality of this photo!
It was taken at 6:30 this morning
my battery died right after I took it!
Zachary got to go to work with
Steve today!
All of the grade 9's were
having work experience today!
Zach wasn't all that happy to
have had to get up at 5:30
and out the door by 6:30 but he
did it and it sounds like he's
had fun so far!

224 of 365 - If I Could Only Find A Way Out.........

This is the second of my sister's
two cats.
She was quite content just
looking out the window 
this afternoon.
This one's name is
and the other one's name is
We are definitely enjoying them!

223 of 365 - The Life Of A Cat.......

Doesn't she look peaceful?
We are watching my sisters cats for a 
couple of weeks.
It's so nice having cats 
in the house again!