99 of 365 - Boys

I realized that there were 
only boys playing in the sandbox
this afternoon.
They had the bowling pins lined
up so that they could do long jump.
Nice work boys!!

98 of 365 - Caterpillar

All of my children were playing
in the sandbox this morning
and found this caterpillar
climbing up into the tree
with the help of his silk.
This little guy was not very easy to capture!

97 of 365 - Cracker Jack

This was one of my favorite
treats when I was little.
We were at Wal-Mart 
this evening & there they
were sitting on a shelf.
Steve laughed when I had to have them!

96 of 365 - PARTY!!!

Okay so technically it was all the
 same party but these
pictures were taken
midnight so they
qualify as today's photos!
It was 4:30 am by the time we got
to bed!!

95 of 365 - Mr. & Mrs.

My brother's wedding was today.
Both James & Laura
looked fantastic!
It's great to have another 
Mr. & Mrs. Maynes!!

94 of 365 - Principal's Award

What a way to finish
elementary school!
He was awarded the
Principal's Award for
Outstanding Service to Others.
Congratulations Zachary!

93 of 365 - Road Trip

We went to Regina for my brother's 
wedding rehearsal tonight.
I took a lot of photos
just on the highway,
 there and back,
because of the storms.
This was my favorite.

92 of 365 - Tomatoes

So far so good!
Three little tomatoes on the vine.
Here's hoping they keep growing and
we get to enjoy some fresh
tomatoes throughout the summer!

91 of 365 - It's Official!!

Zachary has completed elementary school!
What a great evening!
Here's to four fantastic years 
in highschool Zach!

90 of 365 - Look What I Found!!

This Robin built her nest in the tree right
outside Ashley's window!
How exciting!
We will get to watch the babies hatch
again this year!

88 of 365 - Broadway Bridge

We went for a walk down by the
river today and this is
the shot of the Broadway Bridge
that ended up being my
It was wonderful to be out in the

87 of 365 - Relax

Friday night,
enjoying my family,
relaxing to the sound of the fountain.
Much better!

86 of 365 - New "Do"

Ashley got her hair cut tonight
and she looks more grown up again!
It was time for her post - dance haircut
and just in time for her Uncle's wedding
next week.

85 of 365 - A Camping They Will Go

The grade 8's were getting ready
to head out on their
camping trip this morning.
They will be home on Friday.
Here's hoping the rain stays away!

84 of 365 - He's waiting for WHAT???

Zachary got a new rain suit for his
camping trip - in case it rains.
He was hoping for the sky to open up
while he was trying it on!
Silly boy!!

83 of 365 - Ladybug, Ladybug...

While I was watering the plants this morning
I noticed this little ladybug
crawling in the leaves.

82 of 365 - Rose Bush

I planted a rose bush yesterday and 
I really hope I can make it grow!
This will be my fourth attempt
and hopefully I will
have found the perfect spot this time.
Keep your fingers crossed!

81 of 365 - Carriage Ride

We were at the farmer's market this morning
and took a carriage ride over to
River Landing.
So much fun!!
(and the sun is FINALLY shining!!)

80 of 365 - Smurfs??

It's not raining this morning - yet!
When we were getting ready to walk to school
I noticed that we had a huge
batch of mushrooms on the front
My first thought was
that maybe smurfs had moved in!
I picked them anyways!

79 of 365 - Green

I love how green everything is!
If only it would stop raining
so we could truly enjoy 
all of the beauty that
the rain has caused!

78 of 365 - Toys

These are one of the kids 
favorite things to play with lately.
The things they come up with
are awesome!

77 of 365 - Victoria Bridge

We went down to River Landing this evening
because it was actually nice enough to.
It's such a beautiful bridge!
Steve, Zach & Ashley were
having a peek at the river
even though Ashley wasn't too sure 
about being out on the bridge.

76 of 365 - Flowers

Ashley got some crazy daisies
on Saturday and they are
I'm really hoping for a sunny day
so I can find something beautiful
outside one of these days.

75 of 365 - Most Promising!

After the Solo & Duet show was
the awards ceremony.
Ashley was awarded
the "Most Promising Tap Student".
Congratulations Miss Ashley,
you make us very proud!

74 of 365 - Dance Recital

Another year of dance has come to an end.
My mom, sister, brother & his family
were here to join us this evening.
Thanks for coming!
We had a great evening!

72 of 365 - Thunder Storm

That was quite the thunder storm!
This was taken through the sunroof.
It looked neat with the tree
and the puddled water.
Someday I'd like to take a sunny picture.
Maybe tomorrow......

71 of 365 - Messed Up!

I think my desk exploded tonight!
I was working on a project,
 stepped back and had a look.
Sometimes you just need to make a mess!

70 of 365 - Roses

Steve surprised me today
with six beautiful roses.
Thanks Steve!
I love you too!