130 of 365 - Peeking!!

Our niece was supposed to be having
a nap but instead she was peeking
to see what we were doing!

128 of 365 - Peaceful

We walked down to the docks
and the water was perfect!
It's so peaceful sitting out here!

126 of 365 - Missed You!!

Obviously our children missed
each other while Zach was in
It was good to be back to the 
four of us again!
It was a quiet ride home today!

125 of 365 - Dad

We hadn't seen Steve's
family in quite some time.
It was great to see Steve having a laugh 
with his dad.

124 of 365 - Calaway Park

Waiting in line for rides!

Ashley, Grace and Blake
went with Tina on the
Roller Coaster!
They all LOVED it!!

123 of 365 - Family Fun

The girls ate their turkey dinner
in the pool!!
We laughed so hard!
Silly girls!!

Nothing like a Rider game
in Calgary!
The guys had a blast even though
the Riders lost.

122 of 365 - Mountains in the Sunset

This was the view on our way to
Calgary today!
It was breathtaking!
So nice to see the mountains again!

121 of 365 - Summer Fun

We went to the spray park
again today.
The kids love going there
and I get a little break too!
I bought the bottles at the dollar store
and put their names on them with vinyl.
They love them!

119 of 365 - Just Relaxing

I found myself just sitting, doing
absolutely nothing for a
change and decided that 
would make a great photo for today!
I really should try to find a little
more time for doing this.

118 of 365 - Somewhere Over The Rainbow.......

After another beautiful day,
we ended up with
a torrential downpour!
The sky was blue and the sun was
shining, look away for a minute
and it was POURING!!!
Thank goodness for
They make you realize that all is good again!

117 of 365 - Room Makeover

While Ashley was at camp,
Steve & I renovated
Ashley's room.
Not so much a little girl's
room but more a
young ladies
She LOVES it!!!

116 of 365 - Camper Girl

We picked Ashley up from camp this morning!
She had a blast and came home
I'm sure she will appreciate
her own bed tonight.

115 of 365 - Bird Watching

My kids are all fascinated
with the baby robins.
They stood on the deck watching 
for a good 1/2 hour
as the momma bird was coming and going
with worms.

114 of 365 - Mr. Woodpecker

This woodpecker decided to have lunch
in our sandbox this afternoon.
All of my daycare children wanted him to 
be my picture for today
so here it is....
Mr. Woodpecker!

113 of 365 - They're Here!!


Waiting for mama to come back.

I thought I should have a look out
Ashley's window and I
was just in time to
find that the babies had hatched.
I had to post both pictures
because the second one is just too

112 of 365 - Stampede Bound

Zachary went to Calgary this morning to 
spend a couple weeks with family.
This was his first time on a plane!
It's going to be strange with
both of our children gone
at the same time!

111 of 365 - Camp Day

Ashley just left to go to camp
for the week.
This is her first time at camp
and she was super
excited to go!
It's certainly going to be
a quiet week around here,
that's for sure!

110 of 365 - Provincial Champs!!!

The floor after the gold medal game!

Zachary's lacrosse team was in the
provincial playoffs this
They won all of their games
and they won
the gold medal!!
(14 - 11 against another Saskatoon team!)
Congratulations boys!
You definitely deserve this!

108 of 365 - Cooling Off!

It was HOT today!
What a better way to cool of than head out
to the spray park?
The water was so cold,
the kids only lasted for 1/2 hour!

107 of 365 - Bowl Full Of Cherries

Eating cherries always reminds
me of my grandma's
canned cherries.
I wish she were still here to make them!
They were amazing as was she!
It's the little things
that keep special people
in our memories.

106 of 365 - Inspired Butterfly

Butterflies are not very easy to photograph,
or so I've learned!
Julie's butterfly inspired me and
when I had the opportunity,
I got one of my own!
Thanks Julie!

105 of 365 - Sky

The clouds were so beautiful
right before we had another huge
downpour this afternoon!

104 of 365 - 37!?!

Zachary was quite happy with
himself this afternoon.
He arranged the candles so that
everyone was completely
sure of how old I am now!
Thanks Zach!
I'm still not sure I feel
like I should be 37.

103 of 365 - Nike Plus

Steve got me Nike Plus for Christmas.
He has one as well and has been using it for 
just about a year. We decided that today
we were starting our walking program

101 of 365 - Daisy, Daisy....

We went for a walk this morning
and the kids found these wild
daisies. They really wanted to pick
some. We put them out on the
table outside for when we had lunch.

100 of 365 - Happy Canada Day!!!

I thought it worked out great that I
was going to get to post fireworks
on the day that I got to post
my 100th photo!
I understand why a tripod
would be a good idea
as well.