Busy, As Usual!

I'm sorry for the lack of posts lately.

With Ashley's dance wrapping up I
would have figured that I
would have plenty of time!

We had a garage sale the same weekend
that my brother and his family came for a visit.
(2 weekends ago!)

It was great!
(The visit, not the garage sale!)
We finished the day off with a fire pit.

The girls set up their table at 8:30am!

Cierra was doing a fashion show!

 Yes, David put beans, sauerkraut &
banana peppers on his hot dog!

Last weekend was Ashley's recital
so we were busy with that all weekend.
Belle and Cynthia, my sisters,
came to watch again.
This is my favourite day.
I love watching the girls (and boys)
dance with no stress.

Love these girls!

 Miss Laeticia will be missed,
the past 3 years of ballet/lyrical and jazz have been fabulous!
We wish you all the best in Ontario!

Miss Amie will be missed,
she has taught Ashley dance for the past
10 years, 8 of those were tap solos too!
We hope to see you regularly!

Ashley's fans!

This is Paradise.
My sister Belle's new puppy.
She is so sweet and is so good!

Thanks for a fun weekends