240 of 365 - Scrimmage Day

Today was one of those days
that I had a surprise day off so I
got to go and watch Zach play football.
They had 3 scrimmages.

His first game is in PA next week so I will
have to wait 2 weeks to see him play under the
lights at Gordie Howe.
Looking forward to a great football season!

239 of 365 - Senior Football

Zach has had football practices everyday
this week and will have 
3 scrimmages tomorrow.
Today he came home with his
football jacket!

Great job Zach! 
I'm looking forward to watching you play
under the lights at
Gordie Howe Bowl 
this year!

238 of 365 - Just Playing

Steve and Zach were doing their
fantasy football draft tonight.
They had people over 
and they had my brother and friends on the xbox chat 
and my cousin on FaceTime
and they were using the desktop.
Ashley had a friend over so I was left to my own devices.
 Since I have been asked to be the official photographer
for my brother's wedding,
I took this opportunity to learn some of the
features on the camera.

I was quite impressed with 
what I could create!

And then Zach came upstairs
and found the telephoto lens....

Sorry David, 
your manual will probably look just like mine
by the time the wedding rolls around!
I do love that camera though!

237 of 365 - From My Garden....

It was an uneventful day
and I was playing with the macro
lens on my camera.

I really enjoy succulents.
They are super easy and look great.
Our backyard has perfect conditions for them.

These are firesticks.

Hen & Her Chicks

My Gerbera Daisy looks like it's
taking a bow.

These flowers are such a dark purple
that they look black.

I hope to add more to my garden
next spring.

236 of 365 - Only One

After a whole season of growing,
my strawberry plant has finally produced one, 
yes only one,
lonely strawberry!

235 of 365 - Rayna's Day Of Play

Ashley's dance studio
performed 10 dances at 
Rayna's Day Of Play today.
What an amazing fundraiser for
The Children's Wish Foundation!

There were even princesses there!

Ashley had 2 dances...

Troupe Jazz

Tribal Dance.

It was an awesome day!

233 of 365 - For Sale

Okay so the first photo is not a new one from today
but this is our trailer
and we are selling it.
It is a 2003 Bonair Tent Trailer.

These photos are new and
I would like you to have a look.

If you know anyone
that may be interested, please send them
to my blog and ask them to leave
a message with their email
so I can get back to them.
Thank you!!!

231 of 365 - Tough Decision

I could not decide which photo to choose today.
Steve brought me a new
Refresher from Starbuck's,
which was pretty awesome.

And then I actually got a photo
of my handsome son smiling
for a change.


I'm sure that you can understand
my dilemma!!

230 of 365 - Who Knew?!?

The little succulents that Ashley and I
planted this spring are flowering!
I had no idea that
we would see flowers from them!

Aren't they pretty?

229 of 365 - Last Dance

Tonight was the last performance for
Dance On The Saskatchewan.
 Ashley thoroughly enjoyed dancing
for the past 3 Monday's and
she is sad it's over.

 The stage was amazing!

As was this beautiful

Next up,
this coming Sunday.
The girls will be performing their 
Troupe Jazz
and Tribal Dance.

228 of 365 - Divot (The Newest Type Of Flower)

My parents dog, Divot,
decided that the empty planter was
an awesome place to just
hang out and watch the action!

Silly puppy!

227 of 365 - Tradition

It's so much fun when you realize that 
there are some things that have
turned into a tradition.

This weekend is no exception.
A fire and wiener roast on the Saturday after my
brother & family brings Zach home
seems to be what we do.

This time, bacon was added to
the wieners for optimal flavour.

Another great night had by all.
I can't wait until next summer to do this
weekend all over again!

226 of 365 - Fashion Diva's

My children came home today!!!
My brother, SIL, niece, cousin, mom and dad
all came to bring them home and
are staying for the weekend.

Ashley and Cierra were quick to
get to the playing part
and went through Ashley's closet to put on a
fashion show for us.

225 of 365 - Great Start......

I am truly hoping that this
is not an indication
of how the rest of my day is going to go.

If you've ever wondered what the inside of a double
walled Tim Horton's Travel Mug
looks like,
you're welcome!

224 of 365 - Prairie Sunset

The sunset was looking beautiful this evening
so Steve and I went for a little drive,
out Valley Road,
so that I could capture it's true beauty.

I LOVE sunsets,
there is something so magical
about them.

223 of 365 - First Bus Trip

Ashley left this morning
to go to Grama & Papa's house
in Regina.
This is the very first bus ride
by herself!

I hope you enjoyed your bus ride Ashley!

222 of 365 - Scenic Route

Ashley was dancing at 
Dance On The Saskatchewan
again this evening.

Steve and I walked across the University Bridge,
up Saskatchewan Cres.
across the Broadway Bridge
and back down Spadina to the Shakespeare tent.
It took 45 minutes at quite a quick pace.

It was a beautiful evening!

221 of 365 - Hard Work = Pride

Wow, did Steve and I get a lot of
work done this week!

It really is amazing what can be accomplished when
you set out a plan and just jump right in with
both feet.

We finished our yard projects today,
well with the exception of a little bit more weeding
around the edges.

Today we installed a new underground sprinkler,
turned over all of the dirt and
planted grass seed.

With a little patience and TLC
we should see grass soon enough!

220 of 365 - Ready To Go....

Zach was up bright and early this morning
ready to head to Regina to
spend a week with his Uncle.

See how fast he was moving?

Shadow decided that he was going to
go with Zach too.

He had no interest in getting 
off of the bag!

I know Zach will have a great time,
he always does!

219 of 365 - Playhouse Demolition

We have decided to make the sandbox a little smaller
and increase the overall size of our yard.
It was a very long, hot day
but between Steve and I,
we got it done.

And now we will be adding 
a sprinkler and seeding,
well another day because that was
enough for today!

218 of 365 - Yardwork

We have had some much needed time to get some of
our own work done in our yard this week.
Today we got a whole lot of the painting/staining

Tomorrow we tackle the playhouse/sandbox!

217 of 365 - New Car!

We traded in the truck for something a little
more economical!

We are very excited and proud of our new

216 of 365 - Hen & Her Chicks

Mom sent these home with me
to add to my flower beds.

I have since planted them and now I can't wait
for them to spread and fill in!

215 of 365 - Dance On The Saskatchewan

A few of Ashley's dances were fortunate enough
to have been accepted to dance
on the Shakespeare stage
today, Aug 13 and 20th.
 This photo is practice from this afternoon.

If you have the opportunity,
come out to support
Dance Saskatchewan!

214 of 365 - Fishing

It was a great day for fishing.

Last day at the cabin today,
one more week of holidays.

212 of 365 - Hummingbird

I waited and waited and waited some more
just for a photo of the

Got it!

Do you see him?

210 of 365 - WOW!!!

Double Post today!

This sign was up by the boat launch. 


I guess there isn't supposed to be any fun
at the lake!!

Full moon tonight!! 
It was beautiful!