87 of 365 - Jr. Swat Tryouts

Today was day 2,
tryout number 2 & 3
of 4.

If Zach makes this team,
he will be travelling to
Edmonton, Calgary &
possibly Manitoba.

One more tryout on
Sunday and then we should
find out if he
made the team.
Good Luck Zach!

86 of 365 - "I Love A Rainy Night".........

"I love to 
hear the thunder,
watch the lightning
as it lights up the sky"

I am so happy to see the
rain instead of snow!
The thunder was awesome too.
I do believe that
Spring is here.

84 of 365 - Attachment

There are some things that
are really hard to part with.
For example -
Zach's favorite toys from
when he was small.

Unfortunately these
will have to go since we
no longer need them
and we don't have room to keep 
them forever.

83 of 365 - Pop, Pop, Pop, Popcorn

I made popcorn for the
kids today
for some reason,
there was too much and
it started popping 
out of the pot!

82 of 365 - Daisy

I have had these daisies
for over a week.
They are still

Thanks Jamie!
They make me smile
every day!

81 of 365 - Hopefully.....

This week will be better! 

Thursday and Friday it was
Steve and I,  
Saturday and Sunday
Zach was quite sick.
Ashley hasn't had it and I'm
really hoping she doesn't
get it!

80 of 365 - Saboroso

Steve and I finally got to have a date night!
I'm not sure when the last time
just the two of us
got to go out.
We went to 

Great atmosphere and 
phenomenal food!!
It was a great evening!

79 of 365 - Tacos In A Bag, In A Bowl

No school today so
I thought we would have 
a fun lunch.

It was more economical
to buy the big bag of tacos though
so it turned into
Tacos in a Bag, In A Bowl!

78 of 365 - Cube Master?

 Zach sat for a long time with
a rubik's cube and
a tutorial on "YouTube"
trying to figure it out today.

76 of 365 - More Hip Hop

Tonight we went and watched
Pure Energy's Dance Troupe
perform at the
Pom Competition.

They did an amazing job,
as usual!
Way to go girls!!!

75 of 365 - Crazy Weather

What a day!

We woke up to rain,
had an 8 hour
power outage and now 
it's snowing like crazy.

74 of 365 - Cousins

We had brunch with my sister and her family
today. Yesterday was my niece's
16th birthday.

I got
Zach, Ashley, Tanisha & Ethan
to stop playing ping pong
long enough to capture
this photo.
Thanks for cooperating kids!

73 of 365 - Happy St. Paddy's Day!!

An Irish Blessing

"May the road rise to meet you.
May the wind always be at your back.
May the sun shine warm on your face,
And rains fall soft upon your fields.
And until we meet again,
May God hold you in the hollow of His hand."
Author Unknown

72 of 365 - First Job

Zach got his first job
and today is his first shift!

He's working as a bus boy
at the Station Place!
Congratulations Zach!
We are very proud of you!

71 of 365 - RAD Ballet Exam

Ashley had her 
Ballet Exam today.
Her and her friends were very
happy when all was said
and done.

Thank you Miss Laeticia!

70 of 365 - Humbolt Competition Schedule

We have received the 
final draft of the 
Humbolt schedule for
the first of 2
dance competitions.

Most of the costumes have arrived,
dances are being cleaned
and the girls are starting to get
really excited!

68 of 365 - ADAPT Tap Exam Day

Today was the day that
Ashley had her Pre-Intermediate 3
Tap Exam.

I am very proud to say that
she did exceptional!
She received a
"Commended Plus"!
Way to go Ashley,
you deserve it!

67 of 365 - Thank-you Team Jacobs!

Zachary had such a great week with the Brier here.
He got to meet some curlers, had a few great discussions
and has some amazing memories that he will keep forever.
Yesterday he got a message from the third from
Northern Ontario that there was a shirt at the front desk
of the hotel for him to pick up!

The shirt is signed by all 4 players.
Zach is very happy!
Thank-you, Team Jacobs,
for making Zach's week!

66 of 365 - Hurrrrrrryyy Haaaaaaaarrrdd!!!!

We have enjoyed watching
a whole lot of
curling this week.
To end it off watching Zach
play was perfect!

65 of 365 - Gentlemen, The Ice Is Yours......

Zach's first rock,
first end
of the second game.

We are back at the rink
for game 3
at 9am.
Good Luck Boys!

64 of 365 - My Brier Guys

Today was the last day that
these two could go to
the Brier.

I think that they had a great
time being there.
They met lots of the curlers,
watched some awesome games
and spent some time together,
just the two of them.
These are the greatest days
 parents can have!

63 of 365 - Brier Hopeful

Zach has not been able to
get enough of the Brier.
Every chance he has had over
the past 5 days,
he has been there.

I am so happy that he has been
able to thoroughly enjoy
this Brier.
All I keep hearing from him is,
"Next one I should be playing in Mom".
Here's hoping son......

62 of 365 - Placard Holders at the Brier

Zachary and Ashley had the opportunity
to carry name placards
at the 8:30am draw today.

And because I couldn't have just one
photo today.......

61 of 365 - Zach's Hat

Zach got his hat
 Northern Ontario's
curling team tonight.

He had a few conversations
with them over the
past couple of days and
they brought him a hat tonight!

60 of 365 - 2012 Brier

Zach and Steve spent
most of yesterday and today
at the Brier.

This curling rock
was what they brought home 
for Ashley.

59 of 365 - Rainbow Bright

I'm so happy that my
girl has the confidence
to wear the clothes
that make her happy.

She doesn't worry about
what anyone might have to
say about the way she dresses.
I love my little
Rainbow Bright!

57 of 365 - Temptations

Look what Steve found at
Wal Mart....

I gave up coffee for lent!
Here's where I learn
how much I can be
So far, so good!