331 of 365 - Helpful Kitten

Shadow was helping us
with our decorations!

Apparently he finds the
braches rather comfy!

330 of 365 - Sniffle Season

Poor Zach!
He has finally caught a nasty cold
and needed his very own box
of kleenex.

Mix that with the Vick's and
he was happy.
I hope you feel better soon son!

329 of 365 - Sparkle Dough

I made some 
Sparkly Christmas Playdoh
for the girls to play with.
They love it!

Next I am going to
make gingerbread playdoh!
Hopefully they don't eat it!

328 of 365 - Perfect Winter Day

The frost on the trees
behind our house
looked so pretty this morning.
The sky was so blue
and the sun was making the frost sparkle.

It was a perfect
winter day!

327 of 365 - Happy 1st Birthday!

Jack turned 1 yesterday.

We had cupcakes to help him 
celebrate his first birthday!

He clearly LOVED
his cupcake!

325 of 365 - Junior Boys Northern Playdowns

What a day!

Zachary's curling team was
curling for a place in Provincials.

Birch Hills has a very nice curling club
with some pretty awesome food
and very welcoming people.

The boys were ready.
They won their first game.

The second game was going to be tough.

They played very well...

And they WON!!!!

Congratulations on your
"A" side final win,
Team Turner!

Good Luck at

323 of 365 - Practice

Zachary's curling team was having
one last practice before they
go to Northern's this weekend.
If they do well they will earn a place at

Good Luck boys!

322 of 365 - Craft Day

This morning the girls made
snowflakes, mittens
and played with play dough.
They had so much fun!

321 of 365 - Football Banquet

Zachary had his football banquet this evening.
We had a great dinner
sat through the award ceremony and
watched the slideshow
that portrayed the whole 
Senior team's season.

It was a very good season!
Thank you Zach!
We are looking forward to next year!

320 of 365 - Finishing Touches

Finally today I got the slideshow burned,
the photo label done and put it in the mail.

I am so thankful to have had this
Thank you so very much,
David & Lindsay,
for asking me to do this for you!

319 of 365 - Santa Clause Parade

Pure Energy Dance Co.
was asked to be part of the 
Santa Clause Parade this year!

About 35 kids showed up to walk alongside
Donna & Roger
to represent the studio.

It was awesome!

318 of 365 - Tips

Steve got called in,
last minute,
to bartend at the curling club last night.

He didn't get home until 2am
and this is what he emptied out
of his pockets.....

317 of 365 - Finished!

I am finished with 
David and Lindsay's "Memory Package"
from the wedding.

All of the photos are on a disk,
the slideshow is ready to burn,
and these other 2 special projects are ready to go.

My sister is picking it all up tomorrow
to deliver it to
David & Lindsay.

I am very excited to hear what they think of

316 of 365 - Snow

I spied this awesome
"snow snake" in my tree
while I was doing the dishes after lunch today.

I thought it looked pretty neat
the way it was melting off of the branch.

315 of 365 - Only Because I Love Him......

It's 8:00 pm, Zachary comes
to me and says,
"We are having a potluck tomorrow mom,
I forgot but could you make me some cookies to take?"

I finished baking at 9:30ish
and Zach was very happy.
You're welcome son!

314 of 365 - One Last Project

I'm finished editing all of my brother's
wedding photos. I am also
finished 1 of 2 extra special projects
for David and Lindsay.

I am super excited to get this special
package of memories into the
mail for them.

313 of 365 - Demi Pointe

Now that Ashley will be taking her
Intermediate Ballet Exam,
she has to start wearing Demi Pointe shoes
instead of ballet slippers.
They look just like Pointe shoes but
they are softer and not
as supportive.

Today she had to sew on her 
elastics and ribbons.
She did a great job and she
was excited to dance in her new shoes tonight.

312 of 365 - Christmas Decorations

I noticed that there were a
lot of Christmas decorations
in the stores before Halloween was over this year.
What happened to waiting until
after Halloween to start thinking about Christmas?

Today especially was the one day that we remember those who
fought and lost their lives for our freedom.
The last thing that was on my mind today was
what decorations I needed to purchase.

311 of 365 - Helping Hand

The weather was quite bad today.
We had to take Ashley to dance this morning.
This person was stuck and
Steve went and helped push their car.

I would suspect there was a lot of that going on
all over the city.

310 of 365 - It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like.........


It looks like it's here to stay.

Thank goodness tomorrow's 
Saturday and we don't have to get up
and get going too early.
The roads are quite bad already.
Drive safely if you're heading out!

309 of 365 - Back To The Basics

Zachary asked me to help him
with his Physics homework tonight.

I was a little worried,
I can't do Physics!

He laughed at me and said
that he just needed me to help him
build a pinhole camera.

Dodged that bullet!

We got it built and I got to thinking,
maybe I will just use that one from now on.


Just kidding!
I'm still going to save up for that
Canon that I really want!

308 of 365 - Surprise!!

Steve brought these home
for me yesterday!

I love that he does these
little things for me
so randomly.
Thanks Steve!
I love you.

307 of 365 - Afternoon Tea

If you haven't been to
you've got to go!

They just opened one in
Midtown Plaza
and they have got the most
amazing selection of looseleaf teas
I have ever seen!

I can't wait to try some of their
Christmas teas.

306 of 365 - Almost Finished!

Again, I apologize that these are not
actually from today but I
really have to get David & Lindsay's
wedding photos back to them!

Here are a few of the fun pictures that I took
throughout the evening.

Their first dance was

They smooshed cake in each 
others faces.

Cierra looks like she was 
deciding how hard it
would be to eat all of that cake.

Lindsay and her girls
at the end of the day!

And now I think I can finish a couple
of other special things
and get this package of memories
sent to my brother and sister-in-law.

305 of 365 - Team Turner #2

Ashley is following along in 
her brother's footsteps
and has decided to skip her very own 
curling team.

Today was her first game.

It was a very good game but,
unfortunately in the last end,
the other team scored 2 to win the game.

Better luck next week Ashley!

303 of 365 - Winter

After my 5am workout
I had the pleasure of shovelling
all of the snow that fell,
and is still falling!

The snow was so heavy!
I do believe that someone else will be shovelling
later on today,
I'm finished!

I hope everyone made it safely to their
destinations this morning!

302 of 365 - Rain AND Snow!

I suppose it's safe to say
that winter is here to stay.
It started raining around suppertime
and, after everything was good and wet,
it started snowing.

I'm sure the roads will be
treacherous tomorrow morning.

Welcome to November in Saskatchewan!