222 of 365 - Trick Or Treat!

Ashley did well again this year.
Her and a friend went out by themselves
for awhile and then
Steve went with them once it got dark.
This was the first year that
Zach didn't get to go out.
I think it was a little hard on him
but in the end I believe he
had a pretty good night!

221 of 365 - Pumpkin Carving

After a very long carving process,
Zach & Ashley completed
this years pumpkins.
As you can see,
traditional pumpkins just
aren't an option!
Zach was laughing so hard
while he was carving the
Koolaid man and
Ashley was just plain proud 
of her  Ballerina.
Great work kids!

220 of 365 - Treat Bags

I made all of my kids 
treat bags.
I used my Cricut to
cut the cute little
pumpkin tags.
The kids were all pretty excited
by the time they went
home today!
Only 2 more sleeps!

218 of 365 - Dinner in a Pumpkin

I tried a new recipe...
dinner in a pumpkin!
You cook all of the inside "stew",
put it in a pumpkin and bake it for an hour and a half. 
It was really good and now we
are trying to figure out
how to make more before the 
pumpkins are all gone.
Great for a snow day!

217 of 365 - Heavy Snowfall Warning

It has snowed all day
today! Apparently we could
get up to 20cm tonight.
As you can see, 
we haven't gotten our stuff
put away for the winter.
It's supposed to be
+10 on Saturday
so I guess I know what
we'll be doing!

215 of 365 - Ghosts

With Halloween only a few
days away, the ghosts
have made their way
out of the box and into my 
living room!

214 of 365 - Unwind

After a great day with my family,
a glass of wine and a 
little reflection was
the perfect way
to unwind
before dinner.

213 of 365 - Date Night

Steve and I went out
for our Anniversary date
It was great!
We went for dinner
and then went to a movie.

212 of 365 - Thank-you Julie!

We are forever grateful
to Julie for taking amazing
family photos for
us last weekend.
They turned out awesome
and we can't wait 
to find another reason to
get her to take more photos
for us!
Thank-you again Julie!

210 of 365 - Makin' Cupcakes

Ashley's class is having a
bake sale to raise
money for a field trip
to Blue Mountain.
She really wants to go since
they have activities like
I'm sure these cupcakes will
go fast!
Nice work Ashley!

209 of 365 - Starbucks VIA

This one's for you Tina!
The VIA instant coffee
packets now come in 
I thoroughly enjoyed
my Mocha this afternoon!
They come in
vanilla, carmel, cinnamon spice
and mocha!
So good!!

208 of 365 - Under 17

Zachary had his first curling
game in the Under 17 
league today.
Unfortunately I forgot to 
take my camera
and had to use my phone
for this photo!

207 of 365 - Charity Bowl

I finally got to see a whole
football game today
and it happened to be the
last football game for the season.
It was very exciting as 
Zach's team, 
Bethlehem Stars, beat
 Walter Murray
14 - 7!
As you can see,
Zach had quite the cheering section.
Thanks for an awesome
game Zach!

206 of 365 - Rags

Ashley wanted rag rollers
in her hair tonight
so that she has some
super bouncy
curls for tomorrow!

205 of 365 - Picture Day

It was picture day for
Ashley today.
She spent quite a while
in the bathroom this
making sure she looked
Great job Ashley,
you are always
to me!

203 of 365 - Moonlighting

 I was letting the dog
out and the moon looked
awesome behind the
Perfect for tonight's photo.

202 of 365 - Happy Thanksgiving

I am so thankful for the family
that surrounds me 
and for each day that
is given to me!
Happy Thanksgiving!

201 of 365 - Happy Anniversary

Steve and I celebrated
12 years of marriage today.
We've been together
for 17 years
and it really hasn't felt like that
much time has gone by.
Happy Anniversary Steve!
I love you!

200 of 365 - Turkey Dinner!

We had so much fun in the kitchen
I love cooking with my mom,
we make such a mess but 
everything is amazing 
when we're done.
There were 14 people 
having turkey with us this evening and 
Ashley got to say grace.
We have so much to
be thankful for!

199 of 365 - Mmmmmmmm! Cookies!

I just finished baking some
crazy number of
oatmeal raisin cookies.
The house smells so
Have a great 
Thanksgiving long weekend!

198 of 365 - Spider

This spider hangs in my
kitchen window. 
I received it as a Christmas
gift last year and
thought it was too pretty
to put away!
It is actually a 
Christmas Spider
and sparkles in the sun.

197 of 365 - Baby Blue Eyes

She was so sad at 
lunch today!
She's always got an intense
look about her
and those blue eyes
are amazing!

195 of 365 - Hurry Hard!

Zachary had his first practice
today with the 
high school curling team.
Between H.S. and league
curling, Zach will be
curling 6 days a week this year!
All of this begins right after
football ends in 2 weeks.

194 of 365 - Warm Fall Sun

Keelah found the one spot in the
room that had sunshine this morning.
Doesn't she look

193 of 365 - Trailer Repairs

We had to take this arm out of the
trailer to be repaired.
Thankfully Steve knows
a welder who is going to try to
fix it for us!

192 of 365 - Egg Nog?!?

What the heck?
It's not even Halloween yet!
Ashley was sooooo
excited when we
brought this home for her tonight!