38 of 365 - Rain, Rain, Go Away!!

We are all getting tired of 
walking to school in the rain!
5 days in a row is plenty,
thank-you very much!!

37 of 365 - Old & New

Looking out the kitchen window this morning,
I realized that the new leaves have started
growing but the old ones (along with the berries)
are still hanging on!
Hopefully the rain will encourage the old leaves
to make way for all of the new ones and soon
our tree will be all green again.

36 of 365 - Snack Time

I made caramel popcorn &
 cinnamon sugar popcorn
with cheerios, shreddies and pretzels
to create snack for today!

35 of 365 - Most Promising!!

Ashley received the award for
"Most Promising Tap Solo"
from the competition in Biggar
this past weekend!
Her tap teacher gave it to her this
evening when she went to ballet.
What an honor!

34 of 365 - Homework

Wow! Both of them doing homework
at the same time??
Zach was working on a book report
and Ashley was studying for a test.

33 of 365 - More Lacrosse???

Wow! Zachary never ceases to amaze me!
He is home from his tryouts in Balgonie
and hasn't had quite enough
lacrosse for one weekend.
Unfortunately he didn't make the team
but I'm happy to see that his spirits
haven't been crushed.
We're so proud of him!

32 of 365 - Gold & Platinum

Ashley & Miss Amie
after Ashley got Platinum for her
tap solo this afternoon

Ashley & Jenna
with their platinum medals
and a bucket of sour
cherries for the 
ride home.

Miss Ashley's rose with both of her 
medals from Biggar this weekend.
Great dancing Ashley!

31 of 365 - Biggar and Balgonie

This is what our living room looks like today.
Ashley has her final dance competition
in Biggar and Zach has to be in 
Balgonie for his final
tryouts for Storm.

29 of 365 - Create

I finally finished my 
"Create" definition so I thought
I would share that as my picture for today.
I used vinyl and my Cricut
and a whole lot of patience!!

28 of 365 - "A" for Effort!

Meet my new trainer!
Hahaha! I wish!
Seriously though, I am proud of myself for
at least trying to get myself into shape.
 I would really like to buy a cute summer dress 
for my brother's wedding.
So far, so good!!

27 of 365 - Robin in our Tree

I was out on the deck enjoying the warm sun
and noticed that we had a robin
in our tree.
Maybe we will have another nest
this year!

26 of 365 - Storm Tryouts

This boy makes me so proud!

He always gives it his all.

I couldn't be happier for him!

What a day!
Zach had 4 hours worth of
Storm tryouts today.
The photos aren't really good
because of the plexiglass but still worth posting today.
He also found out that he made it to the final tryouts
on Saturday!
Way to go Zach!!

25 of 365 - Congratulations Ashley!!

This girl warms my heart!
She is an amazing dancer and an even
more amazing daughter!
She was just waiting for her turn on stage
and it was a perfect time for a photo!

Congratulations on a great dance competition Ashley!
Her tap group added a Bronze to 
their medals today.
Great work with some tough competition!

24 of 365 - Great Day!

Ashley and her wonderful tap teacher
after she won Gold for her solo
this morning!
Way to go Ashley!

Zach, Ashley and I went out for lunch
after Ashley was done dancing.
I couldn't resist taking a picture of them
under the sign!

It's so nice to see that Zach and Ashley 
still enjoy doing things together.
So what if Zach was trying to
eat the bubbles?

23 of 365 - Spring's Here!!!!

I knew it would happen soon!!!
The sun is shining today and I went to check on my 
Bleeding Hearts to find this!!
I always find it so exciting when the flowers
start to grow after winter.

22 of 365 - Cookies!!!

I decided that since it's still raining today that I should
bake more cookies! Yesterday I baked double chocolate chip
cookies and today I decided on oatmeal chocolate chip.
Maybe tomorrow I'll make oatmeal raisin!!
The kids (and Steve!) are going to be so happy!

21 of 365 - Rain

I was so happy that it was finally just raining this morning!
I also wanted it to really rain and I guess my wish came true.
Now it appears that if it doesn't stop raining soon,
our backyard may become a wading pool
for the kids!!

20 of 365 - Confusion!

Apparently I'm as confused as the weather is!
Who keeps winter boots AND sandals
in the landing at the 
same time???

18 of 365 - Last Hockey Game

Tonight was Steve's last hockey game for the season.
He scored a goal right as I was
taking this picture! 

17 of 365 - April Showers????

This was the view from our living room window this afternoon!
Considering how beautiful it was all week,
it was hard to believe that it was snowing, raining, freezing,
all in one day!

16 of 365 - Easter Break

I couldn't resist posting both of these photos today!
We went to the park and my son (with friends) showed up to go on
the ramps with their bikes. Once he realized that I was taking pictures,
he was out of there!
I'm not too sure what exactly my daughter was pondering at this moment but 
it sure made a great picture!
These are the days they will surely remember!

15 of 365 - Hopscotch

Must be Spring!
The kids were out making the biggest hopscotch
ever! It's so nice to be able
to be outside for most of the day.

14 of 365 - Lacrosse

Even though there is no school this week,
our son had his second evaluation for lacrosse tonight.

13 of 365 - Build-A-Bear

I'm not really sure that she needed another
build-a-bear but she really
wanted one
and the coupons were going to

11 of 365 - Uncontrollable Laughter

Why do whoopee cushions cause such an uproar?
Ashley got this one from Ruckers today and
of course everyone had to have a turn!

10 of 365 - Coloring Eggs

We colored our Easter eggs this evening.
There is always a lot of laughing going on
when we color eggs making this one of my
favorite things we do together.