161 of 365 - Grade 5

Oh my!
Ashley's growing up rather
Today is her first day of
Grade 5!
Have fun Ashley!
(For those of you who know her,
yes she is actually wearing 

160 of 365 - He's Off!

Zachary is off to his very first day 
of highschool today!
I can't believe it!
Where does the time go?
It wasn't that long ago that
I was taking him for his first day
of Kindergarten!
Good luck Zach! 
These are the best years
of your life!!

159 of 365 - Getting Ready For School

Zachary and Ashley
were busy getting all of their
supplies ready for
Registration is on 

158 of 365 - Garage Sale

Today we had a garage
sale. Keelah was sunning herself
and keeping watch for
potential buyers!

157 of 365 - Spider Web

I found this amazing spider web
hanging between two of our trees.
It's interesting how fast a spider web can
just all of a sudden be there!

156 of 365 - Draft Day

Tonight was draft night for
Steve's fantasy football.
He successfully used
both computers, the TV, his Ipod
and was on the phone with my brother
all at the same time!!
Good thing I have a place to scrapbook!

155 of 365 - My Crew

These are my goofy daycare children.
They keep me busy,
that's for sure!
It's not very often that I have them all
at the same time so I took advantage
of the situation today.

154 of 365 - By The Light Of The Moon

The moon was beautiful tonight!
I really need to learn how to
take amazing pictures of the moon
because I lost the details
in this photo.
I'm still happy with it though!

153 of 365 - Fantasy Football

These papers have taken
over the house these past few weeks!
Steve and Zach are doing their
draft this Thursday
so maybe the papers
will go away soon??

152 of 365 - Classics

Our company had to leave
around noon today so we decided
to take in the car show
this afternoon.
Fabulous, as always!

151 of 365 - Company

We had company this weekend.
My brother with his family and my cousin
came for a couple of days.
This was the first fire
we've had this summer!
It was a great weekend!
Thanks for the visit!

150 of 365 - Wall Art???

Ashley found this grasshopper
hanging out on the wall
this afternoon!
It was about 2 inches
and Ashley let out quite the
scream when she noticed it.
Steve rescued it and very kindly
put it back outside where it

148 of 365 - Beetle

 How beautiful is this car?
A friend of ours bought it and
just got it back from
the painter.

147 of 365 - Feels Like Fall

Since the weather has changed drastically,
since the first of August,
I decided it was time to put out my pumpkin
for fall!
No time like the present!

146 of 365 - Ambient

Ashley's new Scentsy warmer
is also her new nightlight.
It smells wonderful in her room
and she can find her way in the dark!

145 of 365 - School Supplies

We got all of Ashley's school
supplies this weekend.
Zachary is waiting to find
out what his classes look
like before we buy his binders.

144 of 365 - Garden Fresh

Our tomatoes are changing color
and we got to enjoy some
with our dinner this evening.

143 of 365 - Sticky Sweet

Nothing tastes better on a 
rainy day than a fresh
batch of cinnamon buns
hot out of the oven!!
(They smell amazing too!!)

141 of 365 - Snacktime????

For some odd reason,
this little girl LOVES
to eat the sand!
Every time I let her play in the
sandbox, she fills
her mouth with sand.
Her mom said she does it at 
home too!

140 of 365 - Cookie Jar

It was a good day for baking today.
The kids were all happy that they
had cookies for snack too!

139 of 365 - Taken Over

We were away for 2 weeks
and this is what the 
flower bed looks like today!

138 of 365 - Homeward Bound

As much fun as holidays are,
it's always great to return home!
Back to reality tomorrow!

137 of 365 - Party!!!

We all went shopping,
 for new clothes, in town
and had ourselves a loser party!
What a night!
The kids were up dancing with us 
well into the night!!

135 of 365 - Game Day (It was rainy)

The boys were playing X-Box.

There were lots of crib games today as well.

Sometimes it's fun to have a rainy day!

133 of 365 - Pizza Night

We made our own pizzas for
supper tonight.
They were even cooked on the BBQ!

132 of 365 - Froggy

We found this little guy hopping through the yard!
The kids were having fun watching it!
After they were done with it,
we let him go in the creek.