238 of 365 - Just Playing

Steve and Zach were doing their
fantasy football draft tonight.
They had people over 
and they had my brother and friends on the xbox chat 
and my cousin on FaceTime
and they were using the desktop.
Ashley had a friend over so I was left to my own devices.
 Since I have been asked to be the official photographer
for my brother's wedding,
I took this opportunity to learn some of the
features on the camera.

I was quite impressed with 
what I could create!

And then Zach came upstairs
and found the telephoto lens....

Sorry David, 
your manual will probably look just like mine
by the time the wedding rolls around!
I do love that camera though!


  1. Hi Michelle ,getting caught up with your Blog..love it all...New camera..What did you get?..I tok a class last fall & the instructoe said that weddings are one of the greatest challenges to do so good luck...No matter how many courses I take I still struggle with my photography but I'll just keep on trucking...

  2. Hi Becky! Thank you for your kind comments! I am borrowing my brother's camera right now. It's a Canon T3i and I must say that I LOVE IT!!! I will probably purchase one for myself, hopefully next year. I am looking forward to taking photos for my brother's wedding but am a little nervous. I don't want to mess them up! With photography I don't think you can ever be finished learning! Thanks for checking my blog and I'll let you know how the wedding goes!!