I am feeling frustrated today.

My sweet, smart, wonderful girl
is being bullied yet again.

My heart broke this morning when she asked me,
"Mom, why don't people like me?'

I could have cried.


My girl is beautiful, confident, honest
and would be there for anyone in a heartbeat.

This time it's coming from a fellow dancer.

Ashley came home from dance crying after hearing that
someone said that she wasn't good enough to be in the tap class that, 
according to her teacher,
she is one of the strongest tappers in the class.

Ashley has come a long way in tap
and if you could see the passion and love for 
dance in that girl,
not to mention her amazing feet,
you would understand that this has crumbled her world.


I suppose that maybe this other young lady feels threatened
by Ashley this year?
She is no longer the best in the studio
and doesn't like that?
She still doesn't have a right to destroy Ashley.

before competitions,
I have to try to rebuild Ashley's confidence
and make her believe that she is amazing 
and she does deserve to be in each and every class
that she is in.
She has worked her little butt off to get to where she is.

Hold your head up Ashley,
we will get through this, again.
There are too many people who do care and
 who are cheering you on.

I love you,
my amazing girl!


  1. Oh sigh, because people are mean and self focused. Especially girls at this age. Sometimes there is a place to talk to this girls mother. But sometimes you just have to build Ashley back up. In some ways this girl who has hurt Ashley is in need of grace and prayers - she hasn't learned how to be a friend - a real friend. She hasn't learned compassion. Her self worth is found in hurting others and that is sad. Let anger be replaced with compassion and forgiveness - a hard thing to do. Thankful Ashley has a mom she doesn't hesitate to talk to when she is hurt. :)