How Much Can You Jam Into One Weekend?

The answer to that question is....

Zachary was curling in the
Juvenile playdowns
to try to become Team Sask.
Unfortunately the best 2 out of 3
wasn't in their favor this time.

Ashley had a curling bonspiel
which consisted of
many games throughout the weekend.

David, Lindsay and the kids met up at 
our house this weekend.
We managed to squeeze in some shopping!

The girls found some lovely sun hats
and the boys found these lovely
cell phone holders!!

Steve and Zach had to head to Regina as Zach's
curling team was registered for a
High Performance Training Camp
all day Sunday.

Ashley had Madison over
and they babysat Jacob. 
The kids all had fun playing dress up
 and doing a fashion show!

The end was near!
David was having some snuggle time with his family.

On Sunday Ashley had one more curling game,
our company left
and then Ashley was dancing at the Odeon.

By the time Ashley and I got home at 9
Steve and Zach were home from Regina.
We traded stories from the weekend,
got everything ready for Monday and crashed!

Hope you all had a great weekend too!

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