Dancing, Curling, Making Mom and Dad Proud

Another full, fun, busy weekend
at our house!

On Saturday, I took a few hours for myself
and got a haircut.
I LOVE it!

We had some running around to do,
Steve had to work at the curling club and 
Ashley had extra dance practices all day.

On Sunday morning
we got to go and watch the Solo and Duet show
for Ashley's dance studio.

Ashley, Madison and Celina
getting ready to dance.

Ashley's Lyrical Solo -
"My Little Girl" by Tim McGraw
Yes, there were tears!

Ashley and Madison's Lyrical Duet -
"Gift Of A Friend" 
So beautiful!

Ashley did her Tap Solo.
(Please excuse the poor photo quality!)
She is dancing to the Glee version of
"Dancing With Myself"
It is so very good again this year!

Ashley, Madison and Jenna
are doing a Pointe Trio.
They are dancing to the orchestra version of
"Black And White" by
Michael Jackson.

They did very well!

From there we went straight to Zach's final
curling game of the season.
they lost.
They had avery respectable season
and should be very proud of themselves!

And right after Zach's game we got in the car
and were off to Ashley's game.
They lost too but still have one more game next weekend.
We had one tired young lady after she was
done curling!

We got home and Zachary
registered for his Grade 12 classes.
Yes, I said Grade 12 classes.
Oh boy, that's hard to believe!

We all crashed pretty hard after 
such a busy weekend again!
I am feeling rather blessed these days!

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