Great Experiences In Weyburn

My 365 is officially finished!
That seemed to go by quickly!
I will still be posting regularly but not in 365 fashion.
Thank you for you continued support 
and I look forward to your comments!

Zachary's team played very well for
their first time in the Provincial Playdowns.
All of his fans left after today's first game
because the second one didn't start until 8:30pm!

Thank you all for coming! 
(you too Grama, I'm sorry I didn't get a picture of you)
It meant a lot that you made time to 
be here to cheer on Team Turner!

We went through the Turner Curling Museum.

And then the boys finished the week with a win!
Congratulations on a fantastic effort boys!
We are looking forward to seeing you back again next year!


  1. It has been a pleasure following your 365-plus blog this past year.
    You are a wonderful photographer. We did have a fantastic Christmas\New Years. It was a pleasure to watch Zach curl at such a high level. The boys were very exciting to watch. Celebrating our granddaughters' 13 birthday with her in 2013 was also a very special moment for us.
    Love Mom\Grama

  2. Thanks Mom! I love you! xoxoxo