287 of 365 - Editing, Editing and More Editing

I realize that these photos are not
from today but, to tell you the truth,
 I really didn't have time to think 
about a photo for today.

I have been editing the photos from my brother's
wedding and would really like to get them done so they
can stop waiting.

Here are some that I have done today...

I would also like to thank Julie Cortens
for trying to help me figure out 
some impossible corrections.
For the most part,
I am 99.5% happy with the photos I
Now I just have to wait and see what David & Lindsay think!


  1. You r doing an awesome job. That 2nd picture is fantastic!!!! Waiting patiently.
    love m0m

  2. Glad to help. Lovin' what you have posted so far.